10:10:15 Energetic Update: Home


10:10:15 HOME

Lots of themes around the HOME have been involved with our ascension processes these days.  Earth as our HOME, the house/dwelling we live in as our HOME, our geographical location, our physical body as our HOME and our inner spiritual self/world as our HOME.  

This is not to be ignored ~ I wrote a bit about this in the Galactic Physician Report: Triple Temple Alignment  a couple of weeks ago.  All sorts of HOME energy is being aligned in more proper order for folks in many different ways at this time.  

The shifting of timelines, new frequency alignments for the Earth and humans & balancing the daily human tasks of living life upon this planet are a lot for all of us to deal with…………..though we are making it……….some are sledging through……… while others are dancing through…………we are making it through with grounding, connecting and aligning the higher frequencies of HOME here for the Earth.


10:10:15 ~ As we are sailing through a master digit day ~ the 10 pointed (SA)FIRE STAR ~ Royal Blue/SAFIRE Blue Crystal Codes combined with the GOLD & SILVER are lining our higher selves with wisdom, frequencies & starlight connection to our human selves so that we can embody more of the goodness of who we really are. It’s the power of the Blue Ray Soul Families here at hand ~ may you feel it, may you know it, may you experience it from the fullness of your heart ~ for it is from this level of higher self that we can hold those LOVE NOTES and live from and on the LOVING GRID of energy here on Earth.    

Love, Azure Catalina Angel




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