10:21:15 SEE / SAW

Literally the SEE/SAW of Energies upon this planet are giving us quite a ride now days.  It is the fluctuation of old/new all within the same day, same hour, same 5 minutes, same second ~ depending upon where ones consciousness is at depicts what one is going to be aware of and experience regarding this SEE/SAW.

For some it is the central nervous system SEE/SAWing it’s way out of old connections within the physical body temple ~ for others it is health ~ for others it is old ways of living upon the Earth, for others it is old ways of thinking/speaking, for others it is an old career path, for others it is releasing the old home/temple,  for others it is releasing old energies within their energy light body system…………………….the moving back & forth on the SEE/SAW is allowing us to SEE what WAS/SAWing at our “Old Self/Old Ways/Old Systems”.

Riding the SEE/SAW ~ PLAYFUL RIDE ~ is giving us the practical physical experience getting the job done of where the changes are happening and need to be made.  This is also allowing our conscious participation within the human experience to become more empowered within our minds, choices + giving more loving connection to ourselves with the NEW which overall tends to be much more pleasant than the old.  


The energies between the masculine & feminine that need repairing are underway for many right now.  There is a huge thirstiness for the male to be with the right female energy and vice versa.  Though the KEY to all of this is to empower the FEMALE back into her rightful energy so she does not give her power away to the old systems anymore.  FEMALES you have to get up and running with your proper coding ~ whatever that is going to take for you to do ~ participate with it ~ spirit/higher self will guide and help direct ~ though you have to pay attention.  

This has to do with the Earth, Lands, Physical Body Health, Spiritual Connection, Sexuality, Mind, Emotions & Understanding Your Power *

QUEEN OF HEARTS is one way to help understand & integrate this energy & message:

Queen Of Hearts

10:21:15 ~ QUEEN OF HEARTS: Royalty Of The Feminine Carrying The Trinity Code ~ Triangle ~ Pyramid That Opens Up Into A Loving Energy Flame Of Light Carried Through From The Heart To The Crown ~ Opens Up From The Heart To The Root Plexus & Then To Legs & Feet ~ Whole Embodiment Of What It Means To Be A True Royal In The Living Flesh ~ Golden Light Energies All Around Supporting The pINK (writing on the wall) + Aqua Blue Frequencies (Divine Mother Crystalline Codes).  


Inner Light Technology Of Our Light Body Spiritual Temples & Physical Body Temples are coming “ON-LINE” more and more.  The telepathic realms of communicating through TEMPLES here on Earth are opening at fuller and fuller levels.  YES, this means through the TEMPLES OF OUR PHYSICAL BODY…….the TEMPLE REGION near the ears (natural mental telepathic communication centers when DNA is properly aligned/activated within the human). 


Also for those who carry the role of the PRIESTESS/PRIEST………….those who worked in physical TEMPLE PYRAMIDS here on Earth before in the past/present/future are understanding how to utilize the PYRAMID POWER more at this time with their human consciousness fields via scalar wave technology (basically telepathic communication from Temple/Pyramid To Temple/Pyramid).  YES, I am speaking of the Pyramids in Egypt, the Pyramids that are Underwater, the Pyramids that are being uncovered/discovered globally and have been disguised at mountains or hidden with trees, shrubs, dirt, growth and geographical changes.   

Through the DNA/Physical Body Of the Priest/Priestess ~ the communication transmissions between the PHYSICAL TEMPLE PYRAMIDS upon the Earth are BROADCAST CENTERS.  YES, TELEPATHIC BROADCAST CENTERS from other planetary systems + TELEPATHIC BROADCAST CENTERS for EARTH (Pyramid to Pyramid)…………….This is very much like our radio station centers that are in 3D (Blogtalk, AM/FM etc.)   There is also VISUAL TELEPATHIC TECHNOLOGY~ though that gets into much more complexities similar to a TV set yet different…………….maybe that will be discussed in the future.  

Much Love, Catalina 


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