Our own multi~dimensionally is what is correcting code(s) with where pure source can reach us through FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT!  

It has been happening a lot lately via the “Dreamscape” when we rest our bodies at night ~ the more your physical vehicle is pure ~ meaning your human body temple ~ the more pure light you can hold ~ the more one will be able to sense, see and understand the direct connection between “Dream`Time”/”Rest Time” (Density Release Time) and human life experience.  

These intense FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT from “Source” energy systems are requiring frequency connection to the human body temple, inner awareness, cognizance & pure thought alignment.  

Yes, this means without manipulated mind control, without fear based emotional control, without physical body control from viruses/parasites/sickness & without negative frequency control of any kind……………and where there is all of that “Baloney Sauce” the FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT are simply providing ways to reach us as humans so that we can feel, see, understand, figure out new ways that can be attainable for our lives.


During “Dreamtime” ~ there have been manipulated lock-down systems…………especially in larger cities (large lower frequency field nets placed via negative agendas) to numb and dumb down perceived dreamtime awarenesses that humans have…………..I am aware at this time a lot of those blocks/field nets are becoming very energetically flimsy and more pure FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT are able to reach us during “Dreamtime” so that our true abilities of DNA connection can authentically sync in for wider expansion of ability and awareness of what is really going on when we are “Sleeping”/”Dreaming” at night or resting.  

Even when we have horrible experiences at night such as a nightmare……….the FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT are bringing us the ability to see beyond what the nightmare really is or the “Shadow Beings/Negative Possessions” who controlled that nightmare so that we stay in fear based energy systems within our human lives.  

Or where we have confusion around a dream because our old filtered programmed mind is attempting to make sense of it……………these FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT are elaborating more easier so our human self has the ability to decode, make connection and understand better.  

If a human is so bogged down with stress, old density light, extreme sickness, massive mind control/negative parasite and/or virus control………….what I am saying here is not going to be perceived well……….because when one is “stoopering” just for survival……….it is hard to perceive the FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT that are here NOW and bringing forth new frequencies and more positively supportive ways of living.  

Some of these new ways of the “New Codes Of Creation” that the FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT are bringing…….. are that of allowing the most positively influential timelines to be reached and anchored.  Yes, this means connecting it with the Earth grids, spaces and geographical locations that can handle the new frequencies that are literal “Wowzers” of eye opening material both literally and energetically.  

It is a matter of allowing the rhythm into our personal energy field so that the frequency rhythm of these FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT (can be read visually, felt energetically and known via your personal template codes)…………thus able to elaborate into actual physical tangible results for our human lives…………yes, this requires human consciousness participation, energetic discernment and major fear deprogramming to accomplish.  

If one is on drugs of any kind or has addictions of any kind (most folks do) ~ this will hinder full FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT to be optimally received…………yet at this time “source” energy is finding ways to energetically bend around the old……..so that the “New Spoons” that are feeding us can really feed us what we need, want and desire…….for more supported and positive soul alignment/human alignment form.    


The 6666 Master Crystal Codes Of Diamond Sun/Son DNA Blueprint Alignment Are Ready To Show Their True ColOURs At This Time.  What This Means Is That Those Carrying 2 Sets Of 12 = 24 (6666) Are “Energetically Launching” At New Epic Porportions ~ New Directions ~ New Speeds Of Light With Their Human Lives/Missions/Soul Awareness/Calling Of Higher Self etc.  

The BLUE FREQUENCY in the INDIGO RAY (violet/blue) ~ 6th chakra band of light ~ is balancing in a new way and opening up new rounds of sounds/colours/light within the FILTRATIONS OF LIGHT that are exposing new perceptions more so than ever before……………..this is very much needed at this time with those carrying that Double Diamond Sun/Son Energy Template.  

The specific master crystal code arrangements for the 6666 were always there ~ though the advancement of being brought forth for more human code connection with the universal heart meeting the universal eye harmonic connection is rolling out frequencies that are pleasantly new, warming, heart~felt, expansive, eternally soft yet poignantly instigating the next level of cooperation. 

Purified Silvers/Golds are opening the fields for the 6666 master crystal code awareness to cognite……….look at the feet (just below the feet) or through your atomic light body energy field or through your 3rd eye at the most delicate level with direct sunlight connecting from the Galactic Central Sun Light Systems or at a certain Earthly geographical lovingly supportive stargate/vortex location that you heartfelt resonate with…………these are hints of places to energetically focus on if in fact this is your multidimensional role and this information resonates with you…………it will happen naturally…………..and for those reading this and thinking?????? @@#%$%^%$(*&^%$EWQ…………..no worries it is simply not your piece/peace at this time.   

Many Blessings ~ Respectfully, Catalina


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