11:11:15: CROWNING GLORY !

Crown ~small photo

COSMIC STAR CROWN: Violet & Gold Crowning Glory ~ 12 star point halo ~ spinning vast through the cosmos of our multi-dimensional self ~ inner temple ~ beauty of the real royalty positioned here on Earth ~ shining for all to see ~ the nature of nobility walking step after step after step to take and receive heritage of where it has always been ~ here in the now ~ crystalline connection casting its authority with all of source and love grace ~ Blessings as we all walk through this day together in rightful passage and in full royal magnificence.  These are the energies ++++++ that are available for us today and with moving forward to carry with us while we continue to live together here on this planet Earth.  


Lately a lot of folks have been experiencing DEATH PASSAGEWAYS ~ where we are transmuting old parts of self ~ some folks are literally going into hospitals to deal with DEATH PASSAGEWAY symptoms of the body ~ while others are going to healing practitioners of some sort fashion or another to handle these physical body symptoms of DYING.  This is including both men, women and children on this planet ~ where ever we have parts of self that need evolving with our physical body temple is where the symptoms are usually located.  

For instance: received a report about a man having 4 heart attacks recently ~ clearly this man is not doing so well ~ well this is where the heart energies need literal clearing within the physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional and mental body temple…………the higher self is communicating to the physical body by saying: HEY, wake up ~ this needs clearing and it is your physical body mastery that is needed to awaken.  

We don’t need to choose full physical body death unless that is what is fully needed for soul learning and enhancement…………..and YES, some folks/souls will choose that for themselves because they don’t know any other way.  

Part of some of the inner soul development is to have the embodiment of your higher self evolvement within your human body temple so that one can calibrate and handle the release of the old part of self that is dying because it is no longer needed.  

Yes, these are scary transitions for many of us ~ some are really dark night of the soul stuff that feels so awful and painful that we really don’t want to be here any longer ~ this is the transmutation that is happening for many.  

This is also a collective thing that is happening too ~ meaning the DEATH PASSAGEWAYS.  The DEATH PASSAGEWAYS are healing the DEATH CODES that have been time locked into this time matrix…………..meaning that these human bodies were not originally designed to die from disease, parasites, old age, negative alien agenda influence etc.  

The human bodies were originally designed as means of having physical experiences so that one can develop further experience and then when the soul is truly ready they opt out when they are fully good and ready.  This is what the rounds of DEATH PASSAGEWAYS within the collective human experience at this time are clearing and it is very, very hard to understand this especially when one is going through it, suffering, in pain or experiencing hardships at this time.

What keeps many locked into not fully understanding this is the mental body control ~ without higher spiritual understanding of oneself ~ many cannot fully see this yet or know this from their true self ~ this is why I am writing about it ~ hard to know what you don’t know ~ hard to see what you can’t fully see or experience yet.  


Lately I have been witnessing how the MASCULINE treats the MASCULINE…………..there is a lot of clearing that needs to happen here as well.  FATHER /SON healing + FALSE KING AUTHORITY / MASCULINE PEASANT clearing…………the MASCULINE & THE MASCULINE relationships have a lot of HEART healing to do with each other.  

This could also look like Boss/Employee relationship between 2 males…………whatever the relationships are………..these are also up for huge heart openings at this time as the MASCULINE has the opportunity to know himself better through the loving reflection in the mirror of the MASCULINE whom he is in relations with.  

This also include the women and their inner MASCULINE/ THE MASCULINE relationship within oneself.  

Men lovingly supporting and helping other men.  wherever the masculine has not done his rightful duty with being of loving service to other masculine beings ~ this is what is up for healing big time right now to assist with old patriarchal dominance losing its energetic power.  

Have a lovely and super day as we move through this very important 11:11:15 timeline ~ things are shifting rapidly for many ~ though we are all in this together ~ and my love is with you always,

Blessings, Azure Catalina 

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