12:2:15 ~ Energetic Update: Physical Body Reform



The energies today are forming a congruent field of energy for this planet ~ connecting a lot of physical light fiber tissues ~ this is allowing for more openings within the crystalline body structure (Earth & human) at this time.   There are tightnesses that we have moving through as a collective and as individuals ~ these are like harnesses of thick web overlay ~ moving back and forth of feeling the thickness of the cobweb, yet knowing we can puncture through ~ breathe through ~ like blowing a dandelion flower from its stem once it is in it’s more crystallized soft whiteish form rather than the original yellow / green flower form.  wish dandelion  


This is what 2015 has been a lot about for a lot of folks ~ transferring the yellow dandelion to the crystalline dandelion so that we can utilize the breathe to blow away the last of the cobwebs “so to speak”.  

The physical human bodies have been doing a dance ~ a log-a-rhythm to release the density at some of the most hidden areas of our existence ~ blinders off !  

The blinders being taken off have not always been easy to cope with psychologically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually………this is because of the importance of being able fully grasp and see is what is at hand.    

As the sensitivity of some folks who were specifically assigned to transferring the hardened & heartless energies on this planet has been widely misunderstood and rather perceived as human “follies” or  “crazy” or “plainly mis-lead”…………..this is not so……………..the higher forms of folks who lead the forefronts of humanity are the beyond the bravest of the brave…………..most were not willing to do what it takes, some only did partial of what it takes and some did not do their job at all……….regardless of those facts……………the ones who FULLY SAID YES……………are the ones who are moving forward now………you know who you are…………the support alignment is here and on days like these…………those who can feel and understand the support know it from the fullness aspects of who they are on the core panel structure from the inside.  

Those who still have a lot of work to do within their “YES” ~ are being reassigned ~ spinning loop patterns ~ returning back to the old ~ and those are the crushing, decaying systems that will be blown out like the crystalline dandelion with wishes of love while the dust returns to elements of the Earth.  

The PHYSICAL BODY REFORM mandates frequency of a certain level to be held in order for DNA repair to mend it’s light fiber sequence ~ if you cannot hold that frequency then this is why the dust must return to the elements of the Earth (part of the decaying death code structures) from old form (fear-matrix).  

New PHYSICAL BODY REFORM is moving onto to new journeys, new landscapes, new missions, new upgrades for physical living, new experiences, new light codes, new abundance, new miracles, new ways, new development, new insights and new love forms.  

Happy is the day when one fully has these experiences that do not repeat !

So with that my loves have a great December 2nd 2015 ! 

Much Love, Catalina 

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