12:25:14 Galactic Physician Report: Crystalline Skeleton

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STONES & BONES carry imbeds of Cellular Memory information.  Cellular Memory is part of your innate wisdoms, memories, intelligences that you naturally have ~ no one showed you in Earth elementary or high school~ it is what you carry with you as a being ~ your own Akashic Records.

The SKELETAL STRUCTURE is traditionally thought of as the BONE STRUCTURE that allows your body to stand up straight ~ it serves a physical purpose.

 CRYSTAL STONES that everyone seems to love so much for their varying energy and healing properties + they often are pleasing to look at……..can carry frequencies of energy that can crack open our own personal CRYSTALLINE SKELETON that holds amazing aspects of our self & Cellular Memory.  

For instance, last week I gifted one of my clients a clear crystal quartz skull.  When he received the crystal skull gift in front of me ~ it immediately popped open a Roman timeline of information that he was not able to see until that moment.  That Roman timeline was important for him to see for self-healing purposes.    We have all heard of CRYSTAL SKULLS ~ though few of us refer to the full CRYSTAL SKELETON or CRYSTALLINE SKELETON which holds the entire dynamics of our moving from Carbon to Crystalline.  

Crystalline Skeleton

The crystals that I drew on the skeleton represent the CRYSTALLINE SKELETON coming-on line in it’s true natural form.  Yes, this includes the TEETH too ~ our CRYSTAL TEETH! And yes, there are physical Earth technologies that are already working with repairing teeth with crystals rather than the other materials that are made with metal or porcelain fillings where some contain aluminum (toxic for humans).

The CRYSTALLINE SKELETON of our human body also directly correlates with the Earth’s body.  

The CRYSTAL CENTER POINTS within the CRYSTALLINE SKELETON allow access of our human living temple to unlock some of it’s “hidden” multidimensional technologies.  These “hidden” multidimensional technologies are for us to know and experience within our own personal journey on this physical playing field of human life.  

We are at a point in time currently where the physical bodies are making a bigger jump with the CRYSTALLINE BODY CONNECTION than ever before.  This is relates to a PHYSICAL BODY FLESH CLEAN-UPS consisting of:

*Healing Long-Time Disease

*Skin Clean-Up

*Teeth Clean-Up

*Blood Clean-Up

*Female Reproductive Cycle Clean-Up

*Organ Optimization & Clean-Up

*Nervous, Endocrine & Lymph Clean-Up

*Physical Cell & Bacteria Clean-Up

*Body Tissue & Muscle Clean-Up 

* Crystalline Skeleton Activations

Those who have been doing their best with clearing density from themselves for a long time will have more experience with these changes first over those with less experience with clearing density from their bodies.  There has to be a good foundation of clearing within yourself prior to these CRYSTALLINE SKELETON ACTIVATIONS happening at fuller levels.  

Though for the younger ones ~ our crystalline children ~ those beings are the ones that have been carrying many of the codes to have these CRYSTALLINE SKELETONS ACTIVATIONS happen for the folks who are a bit older.  

Much Love, Galactic Physician ~ Catalina 

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