12:25:14: Psychic Assassins & Psychic Helpers

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In traditional mainstream aspects of life most are into the family festivities of Christmas or other holiday celebrations.  

Meanwhile in “Catalina Land” the latest information regarding PSYCHIC ASSASSINS & PSYCHIC HELPERS is the inspirational work for this 12:25:14 Posting.  

Yesterday, I peeled through a novel about PSYCHIC ASSASSINS via a very popular spiritual teacher.  While reading the novel I received great insights from within my own life of how my own life has been extremely adversely affected via PSYCHIC ASSASSINS.  

Whenever one is carrying a certain genetic quality of energy within their human form ~ that genetic quality of energy has the opportunity upon this Earth plane to unfold into it’s intended manifestation.  

When it seems as if every move one makes in the physical playing fields of life is being thwarted ~ which a lot of mine has ~ this is due to PSYCHIC ASSASSINS being hired to “mess-up” my Earthly playing field of manifestation.  

Not to sound like a victim here ~ though every relationship I have attempted to have with a man (on a human level) has been aggressively interfered with via other human beings sent in to thwart it or via negative spiritual entities messing with it too.  I have just learned to stay away from men/romantic fields of life because of extreme attack/interference.  Though I didn’t understand until yesterday that this was due to PSYCHIC ASSASSINS targeting my human life with very specific purposes.  I thought it was negative aliens ~ it is that too ~ yet, with the help of a human PSYCHIC ASSASSINS.

 I mentioned in the 12:18:14 Energetic Update that Long Standing Issues Are Having To Be Faced. Clearly this is one of mine that I am having to face ~ yet, this PSYCHIC ASSASSIN stuff is affecting way more folks than just myself hence, why I am writing in this Post to bring conversation around this topic.   

What happens is that when one holds a certain propensity of genetic quality within their personal energy field ~ that genetic quality can create “Blips Of Energy” that affect the energy of the collective mainstream fields of life.  

When my human energy engages with a man in a loving personal relationship then the “Blip Of Energy” increases in the fields.  There are “Agencies” who have vested interests in keeping those “Blips Of Energy” to a minimal via hiring PSYCHIC ASSASSINS.  

Let’s look at the word ASS~ASS~IN (Gee, kind of says it all!)  

The PSYCHIC ASSASSINS track, scan and monitor a persons field and create chaos in the physical realities of life.  

This can be implemented via mind controlling others to do things, say things, manipulate things to mess up a persons field to great degrees.  

This can also be implemented via created negative psychic spells (black magic) or trauma induced situations or “supposed accidents”.

This can also be implemented via anything that feeds off of unhealed fear, unhealed disease or “perceived weakness” physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, spiritually or financially.    

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times my personal work has been interfered with ~ people kept from connecting ~ books being unpublished ~  extreme challenges to get the smallest thing out to just a handful of people ~ parasite attacks that break up my relations with people etc.  I could write dozens of novels just describing the “stupid stuff” that has gone down in my life from PSYCHIC ASSASSINS.  

PSYCHIC ASSASSINS can physically kill a person ~ though for the most part they “Psychically Harm A Person” and leave them in a “Pile Of Mud” and “Lead Them Down The Wrong Paths”.  For the human who is down and out………..it usually takes a while for the person to climb out of the MUD………..then as soon as the MUD is washed off………….WHAP! Hit Again ! This cycle tends to cause great fear in the person and keep them down for a long time ~ hence the person cannot get to what they are intended to do upon the Earth planes or has an extremely hard time doing so with little result.    

Personally I have managed to crawl out of much of the MUD BATH EXPERIENCES and get myself onto higher ground with the help of GRACE~DIVINE INTERVENTION~LOVE yet my life is not devoid of PSYCHIC ASSASSIN attacks.  Though with the recent breakthroughs in my own personal consciousness regarding  PSYCHIC ASSASSINS it helps with releasing the fear, upset, anger and defeat that I have experienced in the past regarding the attacks.   


On the other side of the coin are PSYCHIC HELPERS. These are the ones who use the same abilities that PSYCHIC ASSASSINS have yet, they use their natural psychic gifts to assist with helping others in more life affirming ways such as solving crimes, finding lost folks or items, healing, interdimensional communications etc.   

Many PSYCHIC HELPERS have been PSYCHIC ASSASSINS (mainly without their full conscious awareness knowing ~ this is what is known as Mind Control/Project Monarch stuff).  

 The PSYCHIC HELPERS can be also used via PSYCHIC ASSASSINS.  

For instance:  one time I found my PSYCHIC FIELD being utilized via someone else.  They somehow accessed my PSYCHIC ABILITIES REMOTELY and I was watching/viewing a scene of a social gathering of folks whom I did not know.  I did not know why I was watching/viewing this scene ~ once I realized what was going on ~ I had to go in and perform an energetic surgery on myself to remove the pathway that the PSYCHIC ASSASSIN was utilizing within my own self.  

The PSYCHIC ASSASSIN was utilizing my PSYCHIC ABILITIES REMOTELY so that they would be undetected and I would be the one being tracked via my energy signature field for looking at the scene.  Gee, talk about taking the “Pitfall” or being the “Scape Goat” for others ~ Uggggh!  This is the kind of stupid stuff that can go down if we don’t understand our own energy field and have finer sensory abilities activated.  Thank goodness I am an energetic surgeon and got the pathway of misuse dismantled.    

PSYCHIC HELPERS usually have gifts beyond being just psychic and having remote viewing skills.  

 FYI: being Psychic is a natural ability of all humans ~ not just a certain few ~ the DNA that activates Psychic abilities is just dormant or damaged and can come back on-line when a person is ready to lift the density from their field of where the DNA has been dormant/damaged.  In certain instances, the DNA does have to be energetically repaired ~ though for most who don’t have this sensory ability enabled yet, it is simply dormant and will activate as one removes density impactions from their energy field and are ready to perceive at that level.  

One Level Of Practice regarding PSYCHIC HELPING that is integrated into my own work is that I do not use my Psychic Awarenesses to snoop, invade others private spaces, to harm others or for personal entertainment value.  I do utilize my Psychic gifts within my personal client practice to look at a clients field to see what needs to be addressed, look at a clients home environment for clearing or for planetary gridwork when called forth to do so.  In addition, my personal psychic abilities allow me to see in the multidimensional planes of existence which is where much of my artwork is brought through from.  

May this level of awareness around PSYCHIC ASSASSINS & PSYCHIC HELPERS be of assistance to those who need to connect with this material.  And may you all use your PSYCHIC GIFTS with spiritual maturity, responsibly, use discernment of what you should be looking at and what you should not be looking at.  

Much Love, Catalina 

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