TODAY’S INSPIRATIONAL FOOD STORY: Yesterday I was making a batch of my amazing Organic Vegan Cream Of Zucchini Soup ~ When I lifted the lid to the steamer that was steaming the zucchini…………the HEART appeared

~ I ran to get the camera ~ because this was beyond super cool ~ I did not see the hearts as I was cutting up the zucchini ~ though somehow this amazing HEART shape/energy was very present in my zucchini soup making.

These Heart Codes Of Love In The Vegetables began In 2016 With The Violet Onions ~

Then The Portabello Mushroom ~

Organic Fennel ~

And Now In The January 2017 Timeline Appears The HEART/LOVE CODES In ORGANIC MEXICAN ZUCCHINI

Super Amazing, Super Surprising Every Time This Occurs In A New Way…………….And YES These Are The Loving Manifestations Of The Healing Power Of Healthy Nutrition Mother Earth Foods Combined With Magical Heart Signals!

In~Joy The Frequency Connection Of These VEGGIES that clearly are communicating at higher vibrational levels ~ Much Love ~ With Grace ~ Respectfully, Catalina 

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