1:30:16 Energetic Update: Weaving


1:30:16 WEAVING

The incredible ENERGETIC WEAVING we have done this month as a collective from the LOVE GRIDS (see previous update about this) being built and be more & more supported via humanity who is in touch with the divine nature of their own light….it has been utterly refreshing to experience, witness, see, feel and integrate more and more positive support in all of our lives.  

Sometimes the positivity is so small that we miss what is right under our nose if we don’t pay careful attention and let the old ego/old control mechanisms get in the way ~ yet it is very clear to me with watching the Energetic Fields here on Earth and within the multidimensional realms the WEAVING of this more powerful connective LOVE within us is stronger this month despite the “dips” we may have experienced.  Part of the “dips” was a WEAVING out of the old and WEAVING into the strong energetic LOVING ASPECTS of ourselves despite the dips may have looked like and/or felt like utter despair.  The utter despair was simply an old illusions that had to be dealt with in order to obtain Higher Integration Of WEAVING O-point Love Access with our new selves.  

Like shaking out old heart energy we have worn from the past on our sleeves ~ this new LOVE WEAVING we have restored within ourselves, the collective, Earth and this sector of the Cosmos has been awesome.

This is a higher realm of LOVE WEAVING within ourselves and from there it is WEAVING out to others if so our piece/peace to do so…………requiring in the present moment timing…………listening, communicating and bringing our best to that/those moments, hours & days.  

Much of the LOVE INTEGRATION WEAVING was done inside ourselves for stronger levels of having our physical lives being able to integrate that and express it somehow and someway to others.  Whether it be felt through simply a word, our voice, a hug, expressed through an action, a gathering, a relationship, an experience or at our job/work………….. IT WAS THERE !


What is being required of many now is to really get their act together at more refined love levels minus the old patterning of the patriarchy, matriarchy and child ~ the LOVE WEAVING is accessing more of our advanced DNA strands and sub strands so that the STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR can become more integrated within us at all times without the garbage from our past fears, mind-control, past programming, old and outdated systems. How many times have we not loved ourselves enough, or behaved & acted badly?  How many times did we go unconscious and not even know it and open a portal of negativity? This type of stuff is dropping off more and more and the STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR is dropping in more and more.  Our higher selves and the beings who are in service to support this Planet and sector of the Universe to return to A Love Planet/A Love Universe are demanding that now at full throttle.  


The reflections in the mirror of others behaviors, words, experiences are what are here for us to reflect upon within ourselves ~ are we getting entangled in it? Are we observing it? Are we judging it? Or are we bringing our STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR to it? This is not necessarily only about negative or uncomfortable situations ~ though those experiences and energies are the ones that do really put us to the test with STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR ~ the STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR is also to increase the “Off The Hook” Fun, Happiness, Joy, Positive and Pleasant experiences and energies too…………….it is like creating a WIN/WIN in all directions (East, West, South, North) + cross sections (Diagonal NE, SE, NW, NE)…………….Like having a new compass for your life to steer you in the right direction for your personal STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR to have the most impact here inside this matrix.  

Steering Wheel

Those who are in Service To Self and those who are in Service To Others are really feeling the vibrational impact of not being able to stay in the same realm/reality of connection ~ meaning if the energy within your light body systems holds and carries more Service To Self it will not be able to connect very long with beings whose light body systems holding the energy of being /living a life path of Service To Others.  Though the integration of STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR has to apply to yourself 1st foremost before you energetically apply that to others is foundation ~ though, the overall composition of those energies are really weeding out flowers from the filth.  Flowers are being put with more flowers and the filth are being put with more filth for them to sniff upon so that maybe the stench will be so strong that they will want to blossom into a flower too.  

No more “McDonalds Drive`Through” Love Systems ~ It is a full power pledge of STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR that is required connecting at our full core ~ won’t budge ~ no falling for a simple I Love You word ~ the I Love You has to be backed by your inner GOLD of holding it down for what it really energetically feels to wear the I LOVE YOU and then that is felt from others often without speaking a word.  Do your actions, energy, life and choices reflect that STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR? This is the level of core integrity that many of us have been building for a long time ~ now to put it to the test here in the matrix this year that stands and rises way above the collapsing negative systems that are so weak that they will sink themselves out of existence when being around this STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR and energy.  The STELLAR LOVE BEHAVIOR is like dining and staying at the 6 STAR Resort while energetically bathing in the energetic frequencies of crystalline light that we generate from within ourselves while being supported here on Earth to connect those amazing energies as the new landladies and landlords of this planet.  


These advanced energy systems of operation in both the physical world and energetic/spiritual realms are advancing at tremendous rate ~ this has to do with the DNA connection/vibrating/energy connection of consciousness operating at faster and fuller levels than ever before ~ DOTS being connected more quickly for faster energy integration.  This affects our physical selves and reality at faster and fuller impacts of manifestation for ourselves, family, businesses, soul mission contracts and grounding that with more areas of where we personally need strengthening or healing or for some blossoming.  

My strengths happen to be in the energetic/spiritual realm and strengthening, healing and blossoming still needs to connect more at the physical realms ~ though what I have done in this lifetime with connecting the invisible to the physical world has been profound in my 44 years of living in this lifetime so far.  

A few of the more recent and connections of MANIFESTING BEAUTIFULLY are written here for you to know how this energy works when we are fully IN~TUNE.  



This month of January was stellar with getting my PERSONAL CAR ENERGY ALIGNED properly.  During the 1st week of January my car being 3 months behind in payment from last year when I was unable to work much due to physical body circumstances of healing……………resolved magically and disappeared from being in threat of being repossession via the car company gracing payments to me.  

Then yesterday I received the best car wash for $7 (they spent over an hour cleaning the car………I didn’t ask them to do that………it just happened and my car so needed it)……………..talk about quality………..THIS WAS LIKE RECEIVING A $100 dollar car detail job for $7…………I witnessed/received in utter amazement.  I am so going back there again…………good to have things super clean………….cleanliness/godliness go hand in hand……….feeling super good in my vehicle now. Then that night I received the funds to make January’s car payment which was a couple of weeks late ~ though now up to date.  Proper Car Energy being aligned with ROYAL CARRIAGE OF SUPPORT.    


Receiving Textiles & Some Clothing manifested in miraculous ways too…………one Beautiful Manifestion that really stands out with regards to that is when I was at a store needing to use the bathroom……..when I popped out I noticed a very warm duvet (have been needing lots of warmth over here in Baja California due to the coldest winter & massive storms in over a decade here). I asked the attendant ,”How much for the duvet?”. She replied, “1 Dollar” ~ then I found 2 more duvets and I asked the attendant “How much are these?” She replied,”Oh you can have those for free.” These were 3 warm duvets in fine fantastic shape for me to receive to assist me with dealing with the extreme cold over here and fully supplied via the most amazing price of $1 American Dollar. Duvets usually cost anywhere from $100 ~ $500 Dollars a piece depending upon the size and quality. Even at a thrift store they would normally cost anywhere from $20 ~ $50 a piece………………I received 3 for $1 !!!


Yesterday morning I received a text from a friend here in Baja asking me to lend her $60 American Dollars or 1000 Pesos. I texted back explaining that I want to assist her yet, I had just spent everything I had with money yesterday on basic bills over here such as rent, car insurance, animal food, gas etc. I let her know in my heart I was saying YES ~ though I did not have the actual money in my possession to transfer to her at that moment…………though I did write to her if that situation changes like me receiving more money that I will give to her. Within 1 minute of saying that to her…………..I received a phone call from a dear angelic friend who lives on the East Coast of the US saying that she was going to send me a donation of money………….that donation of money was the exact amout that my friend here in Baja California needed. I then immediately texted the friend and said MIRACLE OF MIRACLES just happened………..I just received the money from someone just this past moment. They put it into my bank account and I told the friend here in Baja that I will be over very shortly to drop off the money that she needed. This friend had not experienced this type of BEAUTIFUL MANIFESTATION before and it was very healing for her to receive and to understand how the universe works when we are fully aligned to the HEART ENERGIES of supporting one another with the pleasant positive YES in our fields. You see ~ my energy field said YES to be of loving kindness and service to her and then the funds to help BEAUTIFULLY MANIFESTED immediately.


For those who relate/resonate with universal mathematics………..the 1111 MASTER CRYSTAL CODES have been connecting in miraculous ways than ever before. This is where the 1+1+1+1 = 4 (Heart/Love Energy) has been extending with healing the 11th stargate in Stonehenge, England from negative controls (NRG Systems that split and divide proper male/female energy apart)………….the male/female energies are rapidly healing with the strengthening of the master crystal codes of the 1111 (Love). Anywhere that the numeric 1 is utilized the 1111 MASTER CRYSTAL CODES (with proper energetic utilization of that loving energy) is healing…………..money (1.00, 10.00 and 100.00 Bills)……………Red is transmuting with the higher codes of the Green and Green/Blues. Powerful energies of support when we invite this connection of the 1111 strength to assist us with our light energy body systems, physical bodies, soul inspired beautiful manifestations, time (off the time clock), assisting Earth’s body & grids, music/tones from higher dimensions etc.  

Much Love, Catalina

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