2:12:16 Energetic Update: Oh Boy ! Oh Joy !


2:12:16 OH BOY! OH JOY !

OK ~ This Energetic Update is rather a fun one.  The Gateway connections of the Master Crystal Codes of the 1111 are really proceeding with great healing in multiple timelines of reality.  Time and spaces and events of where we have been before are interweaving the new codes of creation that make for the crystalline locking of a JOY SEQUENCE OF ENERGY.  These JOY SEQUENCES OF ENERGY are then tying the knot/marrying at such high frequency levels that they now hold fiber links of crystalline energy in the horizontal fields that are creating a more balanced and even playground here on Earth.  

Old spinning timelines of injustice, pain, unfairness, corruption, upset have lost their thresholds of phase locks.  These are like old timeline windows from earlier in our lives or in other timelines where we have lived where these old patterns of yuck have been held and keeping us stuck from those locked thresholds into where we are currently at.  It is like watching the melting of frozen pain dripping from our existence into pools of fresh freeing waters for us to swim in.  

Part of the 1111 Crystal Gate sequence that Catalina’s Angel Inspirations has been working with is GrandChild codes of timeline interweave that work the diagonal lines.  Gate 11 ~ Stonehenge…………Gate 1 ~ Phoenix with inner Earth Cue site connection to Easter Island (in the Mid Pacific)………….my physical crystalline body structure is holding part of the 1111 Crystal Gate sequence from my positioning in the Baja California/San Diego area to perform this energetic placement duty.  Here is a map to help explain: 

1111 Gridwork Map




The “GRAND”CHILDREN know how to play ball ~ yes these are higher playing balls of existence, energy currents and many of us are still teaching Mommy and Daddy how to play ball because they forgot how to play !

OH BOY ! OH JOY ! How the higher frequency currents of connection are linking in for us now here on Earth ~ what it feels like is palates of Golden Waves Of Crystalline soft energy with sprinkles of white crystals twinkling to open these softer palates of energy that we walk with now.  


What this is also equating to is how we become the NEW LANDLADIES/NEW LANDLORDS/NEW CHILDREN STEWARTS OF THIS EARTH.  This is not necessarily done with property ownership though it can mean that too.  Many folks have fallen into the negative slandership/lordship of debt, money, finances with mortgages/rents and caught up on those energies so that our true power was given away to those frightening systems of slavery ~ if we don’t have enough to pay then I lose my land, I lose my house, I lose my business, I lose my whatever, whatever, whatever.  Those are fear based systems that keep mental body trappings locked into low frequency locks.  Always focused around money as God or I lose.  As many times I have lost everything in life ~ homes, apartments, money to live, clothes,  jobs, clients, my possessions, relationships etc……….I have learned the hard way that these things are transitory and once we release we don’t have to go into fear about it………………….you can’t take it with you anyway.  So many people ~ if they walked in my shoes would be constantly be pooping their pants ~ and that is the truth of the matter and that is because they are so invested in the physical world.  

What I have looked at through the 1111 Master Crystal Codes is what I do have to keep and what has been stellar in my life ~ let me share with you ~ those are some of the tastiest, yummiest, off the hook amazing things that I would not trade for anything.  Such as Lifelong friendships (40 Years) that did not wobble from my world because they were built on bricks of solid LOVE ~ other beautifully behaved folks who always beyond 100% friendship (I counted and found I have many of these) ~ brilliance of receiving/giving at just the right time ~ the list goes on and on and one of positivity………..though I want to say here our bountiful energy of utilizing these gateways of our natural gifts ~ all of us have our piece and when that piece is fully known ~ OH BOY ! OH JOY ! How sweet the honey really tastes from the pollination of the BEEing ! 

When we learn that the physical world is here to support the highest and greatest outcome for all of our journeys ~ then we know how to be the NEW LANDLADIES/NEW LANDLORDS who are truly supporting this planet, its inhabitants and energies from where it should be and that is with frequencies of LOVE of higher evolvement.  In order to know what that is one has to be connected to what that is from the inside and then connect it to the outside………..though the frequency has to be clear and not jammed from stuff that you have not cleared yet.  

The NEW LANDLADIES/LANDLORDS are here to anchor the higher energy plateaus, stargates, build the new from correct blueprints into physical manifestations………..these are being supported.  It is a breathe of fresh air of opening windows of freedom for eternity creational energy to remain open so that the old booby traps cannot continue to snap shut.  Of course there are those who will choose the old booby trappings because that is what makes them feel comfortable and that is all they know and like ~ doors are open for those people yet they have choices to walk through or not ~ all up to them.  

Those soul/star family members who choose higher paths for themselves and open the doors for others are doing lovely work ~ that is what wayshowers do ~ they show the way ~ though each and every soul is responsible for themselves to allow to walk a path of joy, pleasantry, love and kindness…………….with more and more beings connecting to masterful spiritual beauty of union…………we unite ourselves to proceed as the NEW LANDLADIES/NEW LANDLORDS of this Earth as we see fit with our miraculous marvels of LOVE.  

A fabulous example of this is a newsletter I received from James Twyman this morning stating how Syria has now signed a peace agreement just 10 days after his world meditation peace gathering ~ millions of folks gathered to assist with the energy ~ this is another way to explain the NEW LANDLADIES/NEW LANDLORD ship I am referring to.  We the people who are holding it down with the LOVE principals are it ~ we are in charge ~ let’s keep the ball rolling……….shall we…………….just keep remembering how to PLAY

Many Blessing Of Kindness Allways, Catalina

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