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The 2222 MEDICAL MATRIX REMOVAL PROGRAM is designed to free you from fear based, trauma based and mind control based programs that control you to giving your power away to the traditional medical matrix system.  The traditional medical system was installed into the matrix in the early 1900’s as a way to control humanity into giving their power away to medical systems who commonly treat the physical body only as a flesh body while completely ignoring the entire energy light body system.  Where as there are some positives to the traditional medical matrix systems…..the truth of the matter is if you really had the spiritual science and energetic mastery knowledge & proper energy skills to heal yourself you would not need to visit a medical doctor ~ you would treat your own self.  

The MEDICAL MATRIX REMOVAL PROGRAM designed via Catalina’s Angel Inspirations teaches you with the spiritual science and the proper energy skills to take charge of your own body……..to be your own healing physician……….to remove all fear from your mind and free your programmed nervous system from handing your power away to the traditional medical systems.  Plus this program teaches you how to connect with your HIGHER HEART systems of the oversoul structure so that you can get in greater touch with your HIGHERSELF for guidance when your body needs healing.

 Those who currently have or have had challenging illness or disease patterns will be the ones who will benefit the most from this particular program.  

You will be required to have completed Step 1: Complete The 1111 HEART HEALING PROGRAM with Catalina’s Angel Inspirations prior to enrolling with this 2222 MEDICAL MATRIX REMOVAL PROGRAM.  You will also need to have been on a vegetarian or vegan diet for at least 6 months solid prior to beginning the 2222 MEDICAL MATRIX REMOVAL PROGRAM.  This ensures that the pain frequencies, parasites, poisons & toxins from eating dead animal flesh do not interfere with your progress of you mastering your physical body & energy light body system.  

Catalina brings you direct expertise of healing the physical body from 33 years of synthetic chemical drug dependency to synthroid (a thyroid replacement drug used for hypothyroidism) + healing hypothyroidism (auto-immune) naturally without the fear tactics from the medical maffia.  In addition, Catalina has naturally healed herpes (auto-immune), painful teeth/toothaches, organ collapse (large intestines) within the digestive system, acne/pimples, warts, dandruff, painful feminine cycles, rashes, headaches, epstein barr, depression, suicidal tendencies, forced psyche drug dependency, 55 pound weight loss, lymph system intoxication & healed broken bones in 2 weeks time without traditional medical systems (just a few examples written out here in words).  

Catalina is not an MD nor does she suggest that you not utilize the traditional medical system if you feel you need it………….yet, for those who are ready to jump off the “dependency” of the traditional medical system and step into their “own healing physician” gifts…………Catalina is here to guide, teach and show you the way to that personal empowerment…………and YES it feels super great when one accomplishes that without fear and with direct inner energetic strength from self to achieve the healing.  

Cost for this program is $1,111 per month  

Catalina is also a master at clearing and healing addictions without the aid of using the traditional medical systems.  Here is a CLEARING ADDICTIONS WEBINAR that Catalina gave during 2015 ~ this will also give you a feel & flavor of Catalina’s coaching/teaching style: 

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