This is a hEARty *Listening At The Inner Core Level* energy that is carving/clearing old dendrites (tip ends of the nervous system) that are connected to the DNA levels/nervous system of where we are suppose to be ~ if you are the one of the ones in sickness/pain/grief/suffering/at a loss/ dealing with tough issues and aspects of self………….it is because those aspects of self are beckoning at your door to be released and want to be released so that other parts of you/denied/hidden/stolen(can be returned) that are more ready to be here on Earth with you can SHINE in the ways that they were always meant to ~ these are aspects of your fullness of who you really are can step into the energy of making things a lot easier for you in life…………..the JOY BOMBERS OF LOVE can be recognized via how much they give, how much they receive higher frequencies of energy and on Earth in the physical playing fields too ~ how much they have been able to clear to reach the inner JOY love within themselves that connects the energy wavelengths flowing in full trust and full certainty despite all may seem impossible. If you are reading this I know you are a JOY BOMBER OF LOVE………………..maybe not all parts of you can produce that energy all the time yet………….though I am quite aware that you have this in you too otherwise my writings would not resonate. Celebrate the parts of you that are connected with the JOY BOMBER OF LOVE ~ as that increases/strengthens the passageways within your crystalline light body structures and physical body structure via simply the feeling (heart muscles) ~ blood flow that releases old blood lines of storage so that the new blood lines of JOY can take up residency in your body. The mind of appreciation, focused JOY creation/benefiting all pops open the natural solutions to assist with health, life, relationships, money, time, energy, living where you really want to be at and with…………it is all here for you NOW ~ the energy circuits true JOY want to flow with you forever now and always `so lets go ahead and let them……….shall we? YES or YES or YES? You choose…………with much Love*Grace & Blessings,

Respectfully, Catalina

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