2:27:15 Energetic Update: Forced To Shop



As this is a huge subject in and of itself to cover in one Energetic Update ~ I am going to give it a whirl.  


This includes shopping for a place to live, a place to eat, the grocery stores, cell phones, cars, transportation, gasoline, computers, repairs, the internet, electricity, water, clothes, furniture, household goods, toys, haircuts, hygiene products, schools, entertainment, investments, medical services, health services, spiritual/energetic services, medicines, health products etc.

 The government forces us to shop with it by charging mandatory income taxes, state taxes, house taxes, sales taxes, driver’s licenses, car insurance, business licenses, passport fees, parking tickets, traffic tickets etc.  

The entire SHOPPING BRIGADE upon this planet is a specifically designed program to keep humans busy surviving, earning, shopping and dealing with problems from within the system ~ so that they wear themselves out and don’t get to the “good stuff inside” themselves.  

This polarity system of being FORCED TO SHOP is directly inlaid into the “Horizontal Fields” of the Earth playing fields and it directly keeps humans looping and looping so that cannot see beyond it or get past it.  

Yes, there are many folks on the planet who have technology to change the current FORCED TO SHOP ways ~ yet, the “Old Patriarchy Enforcement” are the ones who set this up where most people are “set in their ways” now and accustomed to it.  

The traditional financial/business systems ~ food/agricultural systems ~ medical/pharmaceutical systems ~ building/architectural systems ~ transportation systems ~ energy systems ~ governmental systems ~ family/marriage systems ~ have all been aligned with the “Old Patriarchy Enforcement” FORCED TO SHOP programming.


 At this time a very large STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK PROJECT has been hugely successful on the energetic planes that directly affects this FORCED TO SHOP PROGRAM that humans currently live & deal with upon this planet.  

A good way to describe this is with a razor.  The razor represents the installed FORCED TO SHOP PROGRAM within this time matrix.


What we have accomplished with this very large STAR FAMILY GRIDWORK PROJECT that many have directly been working on for years ~ is removing the energetic layer of fluffy coat/padding which was creating “A Disguise” of this program. The fluffy coat/padding around the razor has been removed (see the rubbery shell sitting next to the razor that was taken off the razor).  

Currently there are many on this planet with missions who have their particular piece with dismantling the razor completely ~ yet, one thing at a time!

The fluffy coating/padding to make the FORCED TO SHOP PROGRAMMING seem attractive to humans has been unplugged from the matrix energetic core.  

It is just now a matter of time as those whose soul mission it has been to continue exposing the various pieces of corruption/disguised fluff/falsities…….. will braid their pieces together for stronger platform of energy to assist with taking down the central core of the razor “FORCED TO SHOP PROGRAMMING“.  

On other planetary systems ~ one does not have to pay to live.  The systems we have been dealing with here on this planet are inorganic in nature ~ hence, why many beings were deployed here to be of service with “their particular piece” to assist with dismantling much of the corrupt programs that were installed via service to self agendas of the negatives.

Blessings, Catalina      


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