Personally I have found this subject a bit “tatoo” and “off limits” in the healing arts field and especially so in the light worker communities yet the truth of the matter is……….many folks experience this kind of stuff……..meaning they have awarnesses of ETHEREAL WEAPONRY………the person can sometimes feel it or see it or know it or sense it in some kind of capacity within their multidimensional awareness.  

These kind of experiences can be super scary at times and/or perplexing ~ as I have personally experienced this ETHEREAL WEAPONRY kind of stuff/attack  ~ and fortunately I have parents and myself who are skilled in removing etherial weaponry and restoring energy body/light body systems during these challenging, painful and often perplexing experiences + the insight to see, feel and know what is going on ~ so I wanted to share a personal example to assist in “airing out” this subject in a way that may be helpful for others who have had or are currently experiencing regarding ETHEREAL WEAPONRY.  

Over this past weekend I had a bruised up, banged up masculine indian warrior aspect of myself returned ~ he was covered with arrow attacks everywhere……head, heart, backside, limping and hurting and completely banged up……………this directly affected me/my beingness………..I went in and removed all the arrows and other ETHREAL WEAPONRY that were stuck in his body, soothed him, restored him and let him heal ~ this is a part of my indigenous masculine self ~ over this past week I also gathered the full awarness and fully admitted that a part of my divine masculine self loves to fight……….have always been afraid of that………..when I embraced that masculine part of myself……… the love I have for fighting and figured out another creative way so that I can express that properly (warrior energy)~ have been doing that for years and years now through dance such as through my Warrior Starseed Dances (filmed & produced in earlier timelines):

~ Yet now need to bump it up that expression through martial arts (have to find a good teacher)……… my human divine feminine self with all of its feminine delicacies, sensitivities, tenderness and wisdom was able to embrace that ~ once I did that……….surprise…….surprise………… a more happier, healthier, wealthier, helpful, productive, caring, sharing loving divine masculine part of myself was able to integrate and be fully seen by me (soul integration) ~ what I am really saying here is that these ETHERIAL WEAPONS (at least from my direct personal experience) are a way to get attention of parts of self that are ready to come home and clear passageways for newness to form.

With much blessings & grace ~ respectfully, Catalina

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