Earlier this year as I was remote viewing the ring of fire from a vantage point of very, very high up in the air………….I was brought into see the South Pole………..don’t particularly know why………..except that I could see there was a large city there with beings who are not of human origin live there.  

A couple of weeks later a siSTAR informs me of a bunch of hoopla Earth information around people focusing on the South Pole ~ everyone from government officials taking visits there, popular spiritual leaders/speakers talking and writing articles about the South Pole etc.  

Recently I was watching a video about music instruments made of ice and a man whom puts on crystal ice musical instrument ice cavern concerts…………he said that the ice made musical instruments were a way to connect the frozen water (ice) to the spiritual…………….super amazing indeed.

The ice is frozen water ~ and our physical bodies are melted crystal ice water.  

Now, energetically speaking a miasm is a frozen packet of light ~ meaning it has not “melted yet” ~ though when we are able to “unfreeze” a frozen packet of light information and open it up ~ the miraculous occurs ~ more DNA can connect, light crystals can activate more & more natural access to who we truly are as beings can occur.

These frozen packets of light (represented in the painting below via the violet/white star triangles) can be opened up via specific energetic flames ~ in this painting it is the blue flames activating. Though musical codes can open up the miasma (stuck energy) too ~ such as the musician who makes musical instruments out of ICE and puts on musical ice concerts in the arctic.


The North and South Poles have had a lot of mystery around them due to the ICE/FROZEN TUNDRA/HARD TO REACH~TRAVEL TO.  

As the mysteries unfold on physical levels since a whole lot of scientists, researchers and attention has been gathered lately especially around the South Pole ~ what is being unveiled for that region via those in the physical realms ~ is a truth that must be told/revealed.  

MOTHER EARTH’S weeble wobble tilt at 23 degree axis is on its way to returning to its true nature of BALANCE ~ this has to do with the “Ice Secrets” around the Poles literally melting.  It is literally MOTHER EARTH’S MIASMA (Frozen Packets Of Light) that are in the midst of melting.  

At the same time our FROZEN PACKETS OF LIGHT “aka Miasms” are melting too ~ so that all can flow in the origin of how it always was/is/forever will be.

Blessings, Catalina  


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