3:1:17 Energetic Update: Seduce & Control Energy Manipulations Crumbling


OK…………..Here we are in the 3rd month of 2017……….time is flying………and so is the energy clearing with the collective.  One of those aspects happening right now is the SEDUCTION & CONTROL ENERGY MECHANISIMS…………….these sneaky artificially placed negative manipulative aspects that are held in the collective that have in turn produced many people to act that out in their painful (non-loving full self ways)…………whether that be in self-enemy expression, expressing that dominance onto others expression, expressing that in a career, business, company, or feeding that corruptive energy to it in the Earth’s Body………………..it is now being spit out!  

The collective has raised enough consciousness within the multidimensional form to start holding, healing and expanding the true family of energy architecture form where the SEDUCE & CONTROL ENERGETIC MANIPULATIONS ARE CRUMBLING!

These are subtle Energetic Movements that I am writing about here ~ so those who are sensitive will be able to relate at the level that I am writing about ~ what this looks like on the “traditional” Earth playing fields is great value being seen of beings who hold power positions in society being shown for their flaws in this are and for their strengths in this area………….those who utilized this negative tactic of SEDUCE & CONTROL (regardless if it was conscious or unconscious)……….are getting crushed……….so the parts of the self that were unloved and used via the SEDUCTION & CONTROL METHODS OF ENERGY SLURPING are releasing those painful bodies of blindness, unhealed parts of self that felt victimized and/or gifted with such huge levels of love that it is being snuffed out.  

The LOVE based energy structures are literally crushing these falsely installed SEDUCTION & CONTROL programs that have been placed in the false grids of light and within the  false grids of death/destruction/disease/deception ~ sexual manipulations/child slavery/sex slavery & trafficking (perfect example is Donald Trump addressing child sex trafficking issue).    The SEDUCE & CONTROL mechanism would be the people who utilize money as the “hook” to exploit children sexually or any woman or man sexually (this is just one example)………there are 1000’s of other examples………yet I feel you get my drift of what I am communicating here in this Energetic Update.  

This is a larger energy movement that is happening beyond the governmental issues around stopping it on Earth ~ this is a returning to full family value system that is at hand and one cannot connect with full family authentic/organic/loving energies if one is disallowed~harmed~victimized from receiving full LOVE at the core level of beingness that all deserve to receive.  

With Much Love, Grace & Blessings ~ Respectfully, Catalina 

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