This is a crystalline energetic architecture and builder code of support for opening up the higher aligned blueprint systems within the energy light body systems.  Where as there are many techniques, healing modalities and pathways to clear the old……….yet the NEW blueprint structures that are divinely intact with amazing, beautiful, caressed with kisses of kindness and valued loving family energy create these KRYSTAL/CRYSTAL BEDS OF LOVE coding within our “New Blueprints”.  

Kind of like when you get a set of new fresh real cotton sheets, pillows, blankets or even a new bed to sleep upon and then place crystals underneath the bed or around your sleeping quarters of your bedroom ~ these KRYSTAL/CRYSTAL BEDS OF LOVE are just like that within the New Blueprint Energy Structures Of Design.  

It is like throwing away an old, rusty and crusty metal spring bed ~ Oh, by the way those spring beds that have metal in them………..that metal has been used to assist in controlling dream states within the masses…….this is very similar to how heavy metals feed parasites and viruses in human bodies………….heavy metals in the spring beds (springs are made out of metal)……….those feed our natural energy to the “parasites” that exist in other dimensions while we sleep at night and have assisted with mind controlling/dream controlling/nightmares/suicide programming inside the matrix.  Best to have a non-metal bed / structure………..you can get bed mattresses made out of other more natural materials and platforms to hold the mattress up with more natural materials too.

Alright back to KRYSTAL/CRYSTAL BEDS OF LOVE……………these are like soft clouds that we nest in all the time with our New Energetic Blue Print Structures………..that softness is replacing density ! For many folks whom only have been able to perceive and think and exist from density……..this is a hard time for them………..yet support line systems of the New Energetic Blue Prints of KRYSTAL/CRYSTAL BEDS OF LOVE………..those new soft nests of higher frequencies of soul self alignment are now in charge……….and what that means is that we as humans have to learn how to navigate with that on a daily 24 hour ~ 7 days a week basis ~ and where we are still learning how to drive the “New Vehicle” with the softness and love with all aspects/parts of self……….the disconnections of old rusty springs are literally springing up everywhere to be seen for transmutation purposes.  

With Much Love, Grace, Kindness & Blessings ~ Respectfully, Catalina 

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