At age 19 I was put into an “Arranged Suger Daddy” situation with a man via my BIRTH MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER who was a disguised Reptilian.  We never knew how hold this guy was ~ probably in his 50’s somewhere and his family owned all the BANKS OF (I/RAN)……..Yes, he was I/RANian On a higher dimensional level these beings wanted to control my energy field ~ so they paid good “energetic” money for me from behind the scenes of the veil.  

Once inside the the supposed relationship (under mind control from MK Ultra Systems) ~ I was lavished with visiting the finest hotels (penthouse suites), a car of my choice (turquoise Honda Civic), brand new clothes purchasing on a regular basis, arranged into a job wearing beautiful clothes at BANK OF AMERICA, given a paid for apartment with a female roommate + supplied with money all of the time for things I wanted and was given a traditional savings account to SAVE MONEY so that way I would fit into society nicely.  

When it came to sex ~ only had to do it with him maybe 2 or 3 times a month and he was very gentle and kind with me.  So to me not much was wrong with this arranged situation.  Though I did not like this man’s energy and we would fight from time to time………so I/RAN……………..got my own apartment, learned how to be a waitress to make my own money and got the “Heck Out Dodge” so to speak.  Walked on foot too ~ gave back the car and everything he gave me beside clothes ~ because I needed those.  

Chose to go to college next and earned an AA degree and then a BA degree.  Along my travels after that I read a ton of books, manifested self-employment to work as a hand painting commercial artist for businesses while dealing within the HOLLYWOOD/CITY OF ANGELS (Black Magic Grid Controlled Via The JEWish mis-utilizing the STAR OF DAVID/UNIVERSAL MERKABA STAR systems).  They are using BLACK MAGIC via the DAISY OF DEATH (Disguised As The FLOWER OF LIFE/TREE OF LIFE within structure built inside 10D FLASE CODING STRUCTURE).  It is disquised with false coding of 10 DIGITS sequences so that folks reach the high, high, high codes from with the mechanically arranged/Kabala arranged false coding structure that has a GLASS CEILING (so you cannot see it) on it so that when one reaches the HIGH, HIGH, HIGH notes they are caputured and misutilized for their special sequence of energy field  ~ to energetically syhon off the best of HOLLY/WOOD from the amazing HOLLYWOOD STAR (False Star System).  

The truth of the matter is that the real CRYSTAL MAGIC WANDS when utilized for TRUE MAGIC (positive intentions to help others) are made of ROSE/WOOD………….currently located in ROSEarito.  ROSE carries the frequency LOVE magic of 528.  

True coding systems are of the 12D Diamond STAR SYSTEMS that contain the TRUE TREE OF LIFE which has a 12 points:12-GRID TREE ~ TREE OF LIFE WITH WORDS


DAISY OF DEATH  ~ which the darkness of the planet has been running a killing machine structure out of HOLLYWIERD…………..and killing off our brightest artist STARS by luring them into FALSE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS to satisfy our BRIGHTEST and BEST ARTISTS on the planet.  Think Robin WILLiams.  Who was adored, employed, had beautiful family, America’s very popular movie comedy actor………………and then the controlled media published stories that he took drugs and committed suicide.  FALSE STORY ~ he was knocked off via the dark art melicia here on Earth to HEARTBREAK AMERICA and folks from around the globe who are under mind control from movies/TV.  Tree-of-Life_Flower-of-Life_Stage

Have been working with colour repair codes of the DAISY OF DEATH since 2008:



Have also been working with more new design prototypes of TRUE FLOW POWER such as the following piece which has a 12D/13D structure code built inside.  


Please C/see/SEA Starseed Dance: DANCING QUEEN

MOVIN’ ONWARD with GOLDEN STORY ~ In 2010 had misguided spiritual husband arrangment from India enter my life. When he arrived ~ he had all the GOLD pieces (literal GOLD coins) that he brought to the marriage as a self-made millionaire in the US.  Whew I thought to myself ~ thank goodness ! As we were in the initial stages of our relationship (lasted only 2 months due to shadow aspects of him that were abusive from his false patriarchal overlay)………….he paid for my hotel room to attend a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE school in LA (because he thought something was wrong with me due to having very little money).   A starseed SiSTAR ~ bionary code (9/9) paid for me to have a front row seat for 4 days.  

I invited SiSTAR to share my room with me so she would not have to pay for an extra room.  I arranged for 2 beds, 2 refrigerators (since she ate different than me) and found out she snored like a bear.  I ended up on the bathroom floor for 3 days in a pile of blankets smelling the toilet just to get some sleep without having to hear the bear snores.  On day 4 of the multimillionare school event ~ she finally remembered to hand me a set of earphones with meditation music that she was guided to bring for me so I could sleep in same room with her.  I was relieved and on the 4th night got some good rest.  I was laughing at the thought of how my side who brought the paid for hotel room ended on the floor smelling the toilet just to get a good nights rest.  A lot of compassion was needed here to say the least ~ good thing SiSTAR and I laughed a lot because on a personal level my body was uncomfortable dealing with this absurd situation yet dealing with what is and with LOVE ! 


Shortly after multi-millionaire school and failure of marrige potential with a multi-millionaire who had GOLD COINS I was inspired to purchase a real GOLD COIN for myself.  I was living in a small town in California and called the only local dealer who dealth with GOLD COINS to ask How Much For A GOLD COIN?  He said 15 ~ I looked in my wallet and had a $50 dollar bill ~ so I walked over to his home business ~ he left me around piles of silver coins while going to go get the GOLD COINS ~ he then realized that was a dumb move in his mind and then realized that I had not stole his SILVER COINS.  Smart man ! I then handed him my $50 dollar bill for the 3 coins at $15 a piece ($45 dollars to purchase)  He looked at me and proclaimed “Geeze and you are not even on drugs!).  I then asked why would he think I would be on drugs?  He very kindly explained that the price of a GOLD COIN was $1,500 ($45,000) a piece yet he was going to give me all 3 for $4,000.  I let him I know that I did not have $4,000 to give for purchase of coins. 

 Geeze I though you said they were $15 (I was thinking in my head these GOLD COINS were going to be super small because I thought the price of GOLD was a lot more).  We then laughed and laughed as I explained to him my life around money, men, banks, education and books and multimillionaire school and somehow that important detail was not given to me as proper Earth education ~ LOL !   He lovingly handed me a piece of fruit from his tree and off I went ~ very kind and gracious man I thought to myself considering the Ooooopsie around money/Gold Coin education.  

One of my latest pieces ~ designed 3 months ago: OPEN PURSE STRINGS is dedicated to the higher educational levels of the MASTER CRYSTAL CODE numbers along with the GOLD/SILVER COIN structure of ENERGETIC POWER when used properly with TRUE LOVE.  

Open Purse Strings ~ Turquoise Background With Round White Edges

The GOLDEN STORY is a true story based upon true occurances in Catalina’s life ~ as we are moving through the timelines of the 3:3:16 today important to remember that the GOLDEN CODES of energies are here for us now ~ they are sprinkled with Crystals Of Love for all to connect their TRUE HEART ENERGIES with.  When we fail to bring all of our HEART energies with us to the table at this time ~ this is where we all really to take a look at what is going on around us and to why we are lacking in our ownself.  We all upon this planet have had plenty of opportunities to cut off our TRUE HEART energies from being hurt via others yet when in comes down to it we are now in much more supported Earthly Grid support now to hold these Heart Based Soul Connections up inside the matrix now.  May the energies of LOVE allways find you in the best position of GOLD both physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially upon this Earth…….as this is the sweetness of life from the TRUE TREE OF LIFE !!! Stay focused on the higher vibrations of the GOLDEN energy systems now while connection with your human body selves.  If you cannot hold that platform of energy body circulation then simply within your True Angelic 12D Blueprint coding system to activate with your human DNA then simply intend it to be so ~ it can bring great healing to the field of your aura and human personal life.

Yesterday on the 3:2:16 was a bumpy ride for lots around the globe ~ huge higher heart potentials were made possible as many of the darker grids were lifted and the incoming of more light was brought in.  

If you are someone who has been going through challenging dark energies systems lately please know that the POLARITY INTEGRATION systems from around the GLOBE are starting to take affect at more rapid speeds of time through the light having much more support upon this Earth than ever before.  May you be blessed with where you are at with your journey despite the darknesses or lightnesses of your experiences. 

Blessings, Catalina 3:33 am PST on 3:3:2016

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