4:2:15 Galactic Physician Report: Sirian/Annunaki LIneage Repairs

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In the most recent Energetic Update I speak about OLD UNITED KINGDOMS ABSOLVING ~ one way to look at a Kingdom of energy is in the form of a bubble ~ Yes, a bubble of energy that contains a particular Kingdom/Energy Creation……….regardless if that Kingdom is indifferent, perceived good, perceived bad or neutral………there has been these bubbles of Kingdom Creation Energies on this planet.  

A while back ~ meaning thousands of years ago ~ there was a cross breeding of the Sirian & Annunaki lineages ~ often associated with the planetary system of Sirius A ~ there has also been some of that Sirian Annunaki lineage influence here upon the Earth too.  

Now some of that cross breeding within the Sirian Annunaki lineage got out of hand and here on Earth and it influenced some of those Kingdom Creational Energy Bubbles I was mentioning.  One of those Kingdom Energy Bubbles that we see currently is the “Experimenting On The Physical Body” in the medical matrix.  Such as the experimental aspects of how many medical folks experiment on patients in physical surgeries (cutting/slicing the physical body + laboratory cross breeding), medical machinery, medicine/drug/herb experimentation…………these experiments by in large have caused a great many distortions and also damages to many beings due to folks giving their power away to the “Authority Of Doctors”.  

The “cross breeding/forced sex/giving up one’s sperm-egg” Old Kingdom Creational Energy Bubble also links to other Old United Kingdom Creational Energy Bubbles that we see such as sex rings, prostitution & human sex slave trafficking .  

All of these Old United Kingdom Energies (old patriarchy bubbles of energy) are how the precious life force energy of humans have been syphoned.  

Right now I am currently aware of how the Sirian Annunaki lineages had an influence with helping create these Old United Kingdom Creational Energies that really ended up getting out of hand here on this planet.  It is not entirely the Sirian Annunaki lineages fault yet, they had a large hand in the distortions that we currently see today in the matrix.  

The Annunaki were primarily a dominant patriarchy race ~ when the Sirian cross breeding happened with the Annunaki it was originally to help heal the Annunaki ~ though things went awry and the Annunaki/Sirian lineages needed repair themselves.  

Anyhow, for those who are here at this time and have Annunaki/Sirian lineage healing repair contracts ~ your time is complete with that.  These Old United Kingdoms of where Annunaki/Sirian energy has been used to create them is no longer energetically connected anymore.  This is good news for this planet.  

Now for those thinking about Sirius B ~ primarily a purebreed Sirian planetary system ~ those beings have been doing everything they can to help this planet for a very long time from various other negative ET agendas.  Sometimes they took breaks with helping due to such immeasurable destruction upon this planet ~ though they are very loving, advanced and helpful beings.  

May this Galactic Physician Report be helpful for those who have carried Sirian/Annunaki Lineage Repair Contracts and for understanding another “piece of the pie” of interplanetary relationships & education.  

Much Love, Catalina 

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