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At this particular time in 2015 with the Hall Of Records/Akashic Records / Galactic Records opening up at much more substantiated levels…………..it is causing much release from parts of our physical and energies bodies ~ some folks are in pain, aching, upset, pissed-off, tired etc.  Yet, the releases are totally worth it because it is giving us MORE ACCESS to ourselves ~ though what the challenge is with most folks is that their inner developement has not connected with their person human self ~ so most folks do not have the details as to what they are releasing and why.  

I happen to have the gifts of seeing and understanding what is releasing and why…………..then when I see common threads amongst certain soul groups upon the planet I report those ~ so that folks whom are working on those pieces can have a bit more comprehension ~ this is also another reason why I provide private Star Love sessions so that folks can have the one-on-one detail and energetic/physical assistance as to helping them clear out the fog so that they can have MORE ACCESS to true self.  


At this time for certain graduates within the inner soul planes they are now able to have more access to their true identity here on Earth.  Meaning due to the excruciating clearing work that has been accomplished on the physical and energetic levels ~ many have cleared final patterns of birth parent control locks and the true identity form at higher soul levels has been able to be revealed.  These revelations are rather “Eye Opening” and marvelous to those who have been awaiting for these aspects to open up.  This reconnection/reunion with self is allowing more DNA to come alive within the human to take place.  This is also affecting new brain/thinking cognisance patterns to form + allowing newness to form within the personal life of the human’s physical and energetic/spiritual life.  More of the 12D Blueprint is embodied within the human physical self plus fuller alignment of the human/spiritual life can take place on Earth at more supported levels as we move forward with embracing the higher heart code chambers of rightful living on this planet happen.  


Within some of the Jewish Families here on Earth ~ there were seals of protection that were placed upon many of these folks due to extreme dangers.  An example of these extreme dangers can be seen within the WW2 Holocaust where Jewish people were executed at nauseating levels ~ this was a direct experiment implemented via human German forces……….though the antihuman life ET forces controlling the Germans from “Behind The Scenes” were those of negative Orion Draconian Reptilian forces.  

Many of those horrible negative German humans were then reassigned to North America to carry out Mind Control programs / Project Monarch Programs to then cause more pain, torture, soul splintering experiences for many humans who carried the organic Israel/Jewish Coding.  

What many of the Jewish lineages did was to make bargins in order to save their own butts ~ they formed alliances ~ and took over sections of banking industries /money controls, entertainment controls (think Hollywood industry), food industries, technology industries, car industries etc.   What this did was create certain distortions and blockages of layovers within the soul levels of many Jewish families.  

One particular energetic layover I have been witnessing show up in my face for a very, very long time now is that of the “Scrooge”/ Energetic Money Lines Traces To “Service To Self” Rather Than “Service To Others”/Stingy~Uncaring~Not Sharing Money With Others~Hoarding~Under Tipping~Cheap But Not When It Comes To One’s Ownself~May Seem Helpful To A Certain Point Yet, When “Shit Hits The Fan” It Is Really All About Service To Self………….It is really an ingrained human personality protection layer yet, the distortions of this are abundant upon this Earth.  

For instance, a person will say they have no money to buy gasoline or groceries ~ yet if you go look in their bank account they have thousands in the bank in their savings or hidden money “Under The Mattress”.  According to this person’s rational that is “their retirement money” and they won’t spend a dime, but the truth of the matter is that the present moment calls upon that money to be utilized in the now to help yet, the person will not budge, will go sleep in their car, go on food-stamps, beg off of others, say they cannot afford to do this or that, act like they are poor, won’t tip the waitress or try to get out of chipping in for their part because they perceive they have no money.  

On the flip side of this distortion we have seen those holding the money be cheap, not share, play power control struggles of money control while watching others suffer without having money.  

This is a scarcity level of mind control because the person does not understand that there are plenty of resources ~ many have been paralyzed via this layover from lifetimes of suffering from this and it has created extreme challenges with human outlooks on mONEy, resources, sharing and fully stepping up to the plate in life with one’s manifestation destiny.

 This particular layover is up for dismantling on huge levels at this time with the Jewish lineages ~ many of you reading this have this layover in one way or another ~ it is often inherited from the birth family lines and I am bringing this to the forefront so that it can be seen from a multitude of angles because it is up for healing in large ways at this time……….both on the human individual levels and within community, business and corporation levels.     

When one is energetically free from this layover it will free-up authentic wealth codes (health, resources, rightful livelihood, abundance for all, true tribal families etc.) and align true wealth-lines of re-connection to pure organic Israel/Jew/Jewish Codes for those who carry these pieces upon the Earth.  

Due to the hunting down, killing and extermination of many of the original Jewish Tribes + fear based structures of protection that were built to protect these tribes from more onslaught are being released at this time.  This is painful to release, painful to witness and painful to return back to original form…………yet, it is what many carrying Jewish Codes are in the midst of at this time.  Best to be gentle, easy and loving with self and others at this time because as we are returning back to self/source-identity…………it is no easy task as many of us can testify too.  


The recent earthquake in Nepal was no accident as Nepal is right on the border of Tibet which is the location of the 9th Stargate ~ that area is very precious ~ as within a lot of sacred universal mathematics the #9 is KEY.  When a lot of energy around Tibet increases and/or the 9th Stargate has more access to bring in light frequencies of connection from NepTUNE and Andromeda (((9th Stargate Planetary Connections To Earth))) …………..whammo/slammo says the negatives who can force Earthquakes upon the Earth with technologies such as HAARP.  

I have mentioned the 911 healing in a recent previous Energetic Update that you may want to reference at this time:  http://catalinasangels.com/31915-energetic-update-911-1011-1111-1211/

Note: The 9th Stargate in Tibet has an inner cue site/inner Earth link connection with Westbury, England (very near the 11th Stargate which is Stonehenge, England).    

With Much Love & Blessings, Catalina      

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