5:1:15 Energetic Update: Beltaine The Beast Celebration



We are at the beginning of entering the electrical peak cycle for the month of May and of course that means the ramp of the energies of the Beltaine. Beltaine can synonymously be expressed as an energy system that is comprised of the:

Black Son/Sun, Dark Agenda, Intruder ET Races, Negative Controlling Energetic Forces

Please note: I am simply utilizing nomenclature to describe an energy system of the BEAST celebration that is taking place throughout many places around the globe. Many Lightworkers, Pagans, Wiccans, witches and many “peace” keeping people are celebrating over the next two days in honor of the “Beltaine” Holiday that is “supposedly” a traditional Gaelic/Celtic festival celebrated in Celtic Nations ~ Ireland, Scotland, Isle Of Man, Wales etc.

Oh, and then if you don’t get roped in with the “supposed” fun festivals of Beltaine/ Fires of Beltaine ~ then you can always get roped into the European folk festivals of May Day and play around the Maypole (that is literally an energetic obelisk funneling out the pure essence of play, fun, celebration, laughter and feeding it to the BEAST).

Beltaine The Beast Celebration feeds off of the rituals of play!

The reason why the Beltaine Celebration is traditionally a Celtic Holiday is because the Celtic lineages have “juicy” genetics for the BEAST to feed off of. This “supposedly” fun celebration of Beltaine or May Day is actually utilizing the higher frequency codes of the Celtic lineages, lightworkers, Pagans to feed the fallen energetic systems of the Black Son/Sun, Dark Agenda, Intruder ET Races & Negative ConTROLLers.

Simply look at where the NRG (Nephilim Reversal Grid) is located ~ STONEHENGE, ENGLAND. If you don’t know what the NRG is then please listen to the following radio/video program that gives you a basic understanding of the NRG.

The 11th stargate is located in ENGLAND with it’s Inner Earth connection site located in IRELAND. The CONtrolling forces sure enjoy having conTROLL of the 11th stargate system on Earth and running the NRG system in conjunction with it. The NRG runs off a BLACK MAGIC 16 DARK CRYSTAL KILLING WHEEL SYSTEM. Hence, why in HIStory you will see wheels being used as torture/killing devices.

Beltaine The Beast Celebration is tied into the male electrical energy systems ~ hence why the Patriarchy was primarily used as the human enslavement enforcers for the BEAST MACHINE/NRG/NEGATIVE ALIEN AGENDA.

This BEAST MACHINE of BELTAINE operates at various dimensional levels and utilizes the “Set-Up” RITUALS within the matrix of the BELTAINE/MAY DAY Celebrations to feed “The Good Stuff” (meaning your sweet energy) to the BEAST.

How is this done and we don’t know it?
Well, this same BEAST SYSTEM is the same ritual system that is set up for Christmas, Easter, Halloween & Valentine’s Day etc. With the exception that this particular Celebration is fully dedicated and spelled out right in front of you BELTAINE (The Beast).

These are the CONtrolls of the matrix that you live in. Many people “think” that HIStory/Religions/Traditional Celebrations are TRUE. The only TRUE aspect is that our matrix has been designed/set-up to serve the BEAST.

There are many starseed teams on this planet who are here to dismantle/over-ride/take down the BEAST MACHINE ~ though it is a bit hard to do when many of the starseeds, lightworkers and those energetically dedicated to being of service are innocently creating/attending/giving their precious human energies to rituals that serve the BEAST.

We are in 2012 now. It is time for all of us to take a good look at what we are participating with, what we are dedicating our energies too and who we are really serving. Are you into serving up only Love & Light without understanding the nature of the planet and galaxy system you live in. You live in a prison planet that is disguised in every way possible to keep you from knowing your true origin, real Earth his/herstory and the true spiritual natures of your energetic light body systems. Your spiritual and human consciousness is KEY. It is the KEY to unlocking this BEAST MACHINE that is serving Christ/Kryst/Crystalline human energies on a dinner plate.

Enjoy the Beltaine Beast Celebration! SLURP ! Love, Catalina

Originally Written: April 29, 2012

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