6:27:15 Energetic Update: False Parent/Child Healing


6:27:15 False Parent/Child Healing

So much going on in the energetic architectural healing that is currently underway.  One major piece over this past week is deep excavating of FALSE PARENT AUTHORITY in relations to THE CHILD.  Where ever our inner child has had deep seeded fears of the PARENT (which is the FALSE PARENT ENERGY SYSTEMS).  This could be where your “Human Parent” cast authority over you in domination, control and installed fear or low frequency programming into you as a child (which would describe a majority of parents on this planet).  Many human parents have parts of themselves that are not integrated and/or have been taken over via negative entity energies……………this would = FALSE PARENT ENERGY.    

FALSE PARENT ENERGY is detached from LOVE/HEART/SOUL energy systems (this your #1 clue to be able to observe/spot FALSE PARENT ENERGY).  

Some folks at this time are going through intense experiences with PARENTAL ISSUES that have not been fully resolved.  This can be in the human physical realm, through dream-time or being played out with others holding the mirror of what needs to be healed for the CHILD.  

Any place the CHILD has given away their power or where the CHILD has been manipulated or where the CHILD energies have been misused ~ this is what is being faced in the energy fields at this time.

On a galactic scale this can mean healing the warring STARCHILD.  It could mean finding out a supposed ASCENDED MASTER feeding you channeled information has been looping you in false circles of info.   On a human level this can mean healing/flushing out FALSE PARENT/FALSE CHILD energy systems with issues of money, spirituality, education, emotions (fear, anger, sadness), abuse, sexuality, demonic possession, power, mind-control, wounding, warring, disease, livelihood, jobs etc.  

Within the USA ~ it has been a big deal for folks to celebrate that same sex marriages can take place across all 50 states as mandated via the supreme court.  For those participating in traditional Earthly marriages this can seem like a big win.  Yet the truth of the matter is that those participating in those traditional Earthly marriages (gay or straight) are giving their power away to a government & religious institutions where folks are then slurped and sucked via the system to control their marriage with certificate, taxes, healthcare system, court/legal system, money earnings, rules and regulations etc. 

Though once one pulls their energy out of those “religious and governmental legalized systems” and physically returns the power back to oneself by unplugging from participating with these programs of the USA FALSE PARENT (Primarily The Government & Religions) ~ then this gay marriage thing is really just another win for the DARK FORCES disguised in the GAY RAINBOW LIGHT.   It all depends upon where ones consciousness really is to understand what I am saying here ~ it is true LOVE IS LOVE yet LOVE is not A GAY MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE BY A GOVERNMENT STATE (that is controlled by the FALSE USA GOVERNMENT PARENT ENERGY).  LOVE is not BEING HOMOSEXUAL ~ LOVE is not being HETEROSEXUAL.  This is really a big distraction with regards to what is really going on in the energy fields.  

The larger energy system at hand that is up right now is the HEALING OF THE CHILD with the MOTHER and/or FATHER.  Many of us have had lots of rounds with healing the child energies ~ inner child ~ wounded child ~ misutilized child ~ mislead child etc……………We are in an optimum time where our CHILD SOUL BODIES have to come into right alignment with the TRUE PARENT ENERGIES.  

If your consciousness is wrapped up in traditional 3D systems ~ this is what will play out for healing ~ if your consciousness is wrapped up in higher soul levels………….then this is what will play out for healing.  No matter where you are on your personal path of evolution………….this is what is up in the fields.  For those working with the TRUE CHILD / TRUE PARENT energies……….meaning folks who have integrated enough HEART/LOVE/SOUL energy within themselves then those relationships are going to magically blossom and manifest into more beauty.  Though the truth of the matter is many folks still have a lot of soul body damage to repair and heart opening to do. 

If any of you have been experiencing and/or witnessing other folks opening their hearts with loving communications and then snapping shut the heart energies with angry, cold, meanness…………these are heart palpitations…………..kind of like heart contractions that many folks are going through to get these heart gateways open at more solid levels.  So if you witness old CLOSED OFF HEART ENERGIES that snap like JAWS and then turn around and open up like a precious newborn puppy of LOVE and PLAY…………this is why………..old HEART VALVES OF FALSE PARENTING HAVE TO BE EXPUNGED, EXPRESSED OUT & PURGED………….while NEW HEART VALVES OF TRUE PARENTING HAVE TO BE TURNED ON AT THE FULLEST EXTENT THAT A PERSON CAN HANDLE for healing to occur.   

Alright ~ with that…….have a great weekend.  

Much Love, Catalina    

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