This KING OF KINDNESS ARCHETYPE splashed into my grounded beingness (embodied human self) once the old KING OF TYRANNY ARCHETYPES were cleared out of my energy field trapped via old childhood negative programming systems (death coded & disease coded), no positive/heart centered father figure growing up, autism, misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism/autoimmune disease, heavy metal poisoning, food poisoning, drug poisoning etc.  (Have Been Clearing This For The Past 30 Years)………….and am still in the midst of that continual journey while reclaiming/returning to the rightful owner of proper energy back within my human female physical body.

Plus mastering more and more of the human body vehicle with crystalline codes of my original genetic light body form while releasing old birth family/old human genetic lineage body in form……… in addition more & more refined specific organic vegan raw foods & supplements for my unique energy signature & physical body have happened , over-hauling my teeth with amethyst crystal fillings, losing weight (50 lbs.), cleaning the gut/immune system/gastro intestinal track + recently understanding the virus that has clobbered my human physical body since childhood that can be referred to as the Epstein Barr Virus (Stage 6) that I have had a majority of this life (rather than the misdiagnosis of all the other ailments/sicknesses that entered my life).

Besides all of that I have been on a very active spiritual clearing & DNA activating/connecting path for the past 30 years, have cleared old timelines of pain that I was able to find from other traumas, receive very high level session clearing work/learning from galactic beings who can help me, have helped others at great levels with my own work……….so with that being said lets move onto more understanding of what this particular dismantling of Old King Of Tyranny Systems looks like and what the (KIN)G OF (KIN)DNESS ARCHETYPE looks like/feels like that is at the forefront of where we are at now during this 6:6:2016 Timeline now.  

The old King Of Tyranny runs off the 55 controlled grid system of destruction ~ think old legendary rock singer Sammy Hagar Song “I Can’t Drive 55” or many of the freeway systems have run on that speed code 55 or codes of the 5 or how many money systems are programmed via the 5’s with old dead presidents on the old controlled monetary systems (these are just examples within the physical matrix  just to keep it short here without writing a whole book about this)………..meaning the energy field of destruction that the old King Of Tyranny lives off of~ death merkaba/grid structures of this Earth have run off a negative energy to destroy this Earth and harm humanity at great lengths very sneakily.  

The Old King of Tyranny Archetypes display dominant control energy, service to self, narcissism, psychopathy (lies, deceit, sneaky, twist words etc) their main job has been to destroy the heart felt feminine energies upon the planet, they will also suck/slurp off the feminine energy to boost their own ego/job/creating in the physical, no proper heart felt energy comes from this archetype, it abuses (will verbally abuse or physically abuse or threaten, attack or strike the feminine at anytime to take her heart energy down)…………..this is what is getting kicked out of this planet……………so sad that a lot of men have this in their constitutional soul make-up of unhealed emotional body systems…………………….when a being does their proper emotional healing work at true heart levels from within…………..this archetype can release from the being…………….though if men choose to hold onto it and not do their clearing work……………it will subconsciously control their personality self and they cannot even see it within their own self due to mind control and negative grid controls of this Earth ~ this is what causes a lot of splits/divides between men/women ~ causes wars upon the planet.

Donald Trump is a good example of this ~ charming at times (deceit)………………..controlling, assholic, puts people down to glorify self, controls via money, real estate, assets (often lures to suck/lure people into negative net control)…………………puts self into position of authority so that people will look up to him……………..though the veil is so thin now ~ a lot of people see the bullshit from this particular archetype that runs through trump (false trump) as love always wins ! Higher Vibration ~ Donald is a distraction FYI for the election ~ he represents what is falling down out of the matrix………..this False King/King Of Tyranny……………..it has no power anymore……………..that is why it is screaming through many of our men who carry the archetype……………..it is clearing out of our matrix so that the love can dominate this planet as is intended.  

At this time I am loving releasing freely older Star Family Gridwork Project Information to help those who need /resonate with this Energetic Update and who have actively been a part of Dismantling The False King Of Tyranny Project/Article/Constellation Reconfiguration.  This is a fine example of the work that is sacredly held within my Educational Site from 2014: 


For example: as I repair my physical body at the throat (which I mentioned above) ~ misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s Disease (since childhood) ~ this throat repair within the feminine (such as myself) then can bring in the energetic constitution of the proper archetype system of the (KIN)G OF (KIN)DNESS ARCHETYPE so that I can hold it within my own beingness of my masculine part of self that needed healing.  Then that vibration can use the positive scalar wave systems (love systems of broadcasting here inside the matrix).  

Love Broadcasting via the scalar waves can be done via mental telepathy, vibrationally and on the higher grid platform that many starseeds (really tired of the term starseed ~ we went into Star Sprout phases and are actually Star Flowers now and have been for a while now ~WE GREW ! ) & lightworkers have been repairing, rebuilding and connecting at a long time now…………..we have been up and running at tighter levels for a while now………….please refer to an older Energetic Update about this via the following link:  


So what this all means is that the (KIN)G OF (KIN)DNESS ARCHETYPE here in 2016 ~ no mistake this Energetic Update is being released the 6:6:2016 (master number codes ~ 6+6 =12 ~ original blueprint code/DNA code for humans) and also Father’s Day is very soon ~ is helping usher this into the matrix more and more.  

One has to activate their 12th dimensional blueprint in order to embody their DNA codes at higher levels ~ fuller DNA activation happens once your blueprint is activated ~ this DNA activation is a soul/spiritual activation that naturally connects one to more evolved conscious awareness upon this Earth (where the journey continues to evolve and evolve because one is connected to proper source energy within their sacred body temple).  

The (KIN)G OF (KIN)DNESS ARCHETYPE operates at levels of soul levels of activation ~ meaning HEART/LOVE levels and above ~ for those living at simple practical levels ~ HEART/LOVE practices is all you need to activate when living your life on Earth and participating with anything in life……….it is really simple to open the field once that is fully activated.  

Wherever one has a fear or a lower emotional of disconnected love energy (so easy to fall into because the old 55 grid system is heartless)…………..the new love grid system is yummy, delicious to live in, tastes so good to our heart, head, physical body, emotions, senses, spiritual selves, environment, work, careers, family, relationships etc.  

Many of us rock back and forth through the old grid/new grid while we continue to evolve ourselves ~ each in their own unique way.  For me I did my spiritual work 1st (backwards of most people)……….while most people developed their physical vehicle bodies/environments…………….I chose to develop my spiritual body 1st (brought it with me from another star system other than this particular galaxy and from other Earth Timelines Of Living Here/Being Here & Practicing) + over the past 2 years have been on a major mission to fully clean-up/master/fine-tune my physical body temple at greater levels than ever before.  

The Soul Levels of (4,5,6) ~ we can refer to the chakra system for this particular relation of sharing ~ is the FULL SIX ~ human embodiment of 1,2,3 (personality self ~ chakras red/orange/yellow energy systems) + combined with the embodiment of the Soul Level of 4,5,6 (soul self ~ chakras green/blue/indigo).  

When the FULL SIX (female) and FULL SIX (male)………..6+6 connect at physical levels within this matrix at DNA activated levels it helps us to activate the fuller parts of ourselves that lifts our male/female human relationships of broken heart architecture from broken Earth Grids (old 5+5=10 grid trapping system) and human spiritual body/heart & soul disconnection (broken relationships of any kind).   The 6+6 (master level connection is a sacred marriage within oneself/one’s own body temple)…………..then that body temple can reflect on the outer temple of our human selves to connect with genetic equals/conscious equals/more tribal-soul family that we are meant to be with, be around, love with, share with etc.  


Of course there are many mansions of God/Source pathways and as long as you can energetically hold the (KIN)G OF (KIN)DNESS ARCHETYPE within your beingness / human living here on Earth and spread that around and connect it with others  ~ that is Super Great ! Where we fall, lay-low, go unconscious, have parts of ourselves expressing disconnected heart architecture is where we have healing to do ~ all of us have that ~ though I want to fully share that at this time (KIN)G OF (KIN)DNESS ARCHETYPE is tightening/weaving in at threads of energetic fibers more so than ever before as a collective.  

Another example would be the work of James Twyman ~ his work over many decades now has led up to him now with working at global levels of many kinds ~ JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (would be a good way to put it) ~ he is carrying around a cornucopia of energetic fruit that display music codes/spiritual codes/universal religious codes of connection around the globe.  One of his last global projects was to reconnect the masculine/feminine at global spiritual prayer levels from Japan.  Many millions participated in that prayer of healing recently………………..this is where the QUEEN (6) + KING (6) =12 connect now on the 6:6:2016 begin to anchor, breathe & crystalline energies unite for our summer solstice time or winter solstice time for other parts of the globe.  

Much Love To You All ~ Catalina PS.  

All Artwork In This Energetic Update You See Has Been Personally Created & Painted (inspirational activation art) via Catalina and is under commons license as long as you share the source of where it came from.  Blessings !  

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