7:17:14 Energetic Update: Galactic New Year


As we enter another Galactic New Year Cycle on the 7:17:14 ~ this time has a bit of celebrating energy with it on the energetic planes for the planetary work that has been accomplished thus far by many.

The energies of Sirius ~ the Lion’s Gate ~ are all in the intermix of this Galactic New Year Time of 7:17:14 thru 8:8:14.


The energies at this time revealing more and more of the Earth’s Pyramid Circuit Plates ~ these are Pyramids located on Earth Crust Plates and on Earth Crust Plates in the ocean waters.

What was recently revealed through my sacred session work at this time are Pyramids in the ocean waters where the Gulf Of Mexico is.  Remember the big oil spill that happened a few years ago?  That big oil spill was a shenanigan via the false ones attempting to cover up the pyramids in those waters from being activated and seen by humanity + it kept the ocean life away from that area to from activating those pyramids on the ocean floor in the Gulf Of Mexico too.

GRMC NG Gulf of Mexico

The grey/black yucky area on the map is basically where there are pyramids on the ocean seafloor.

Despite the 2010 severe damages to the planet, waters and life from that on-purpose oil spill……………on 7:16:14 myself and along with another starseed were brought in to run frequency current lines to activate the grids from California ~ through the Gulf Of Mexico ~ and to the “Big Key” which is the State of Florida.

The 7D PLANETARY LOGOS WHEEL was involved and a part of this energetic connection at this time is where the activation of seafloor pyramids in the Gulf Of Mexico took place on 7:16:14.

From what I understand at this point ~ many families of pyramids that have been dormant due to energetic disconnection are getting activated ~ part of that activation will allow the fuller truth of the pyramids connections from around the globe to be more known to human kind.


In a recent post ~ HEALING THE SACRED PROSTITUTE I spoke in depth about the healing trauma from an empowering timeline in Egypt.  The spiritual distortion was a soul family member killing another soul family member due to envy, jealousy, rage, upset…………….this is spiritual distortion………. and a great example of trauma created from spiritual distortion.

There are a great many spiritual distortions that have been held in our energy bodies from times where we may have been learning as a spiritual initiate ~ such as a guru being taken over via controller energies and abusing their initiates.

One form of abuse from spiritual distortions that was also revealed from other timelines was that of baptism trauma ~ where the baby is held under water too long via the person doing the baptism causing breath trauma and life resuscitation trauma for mind/spiritual control over the spiritual initiate.

Another form of spiritual abuse recently revealed was gurus having spiritual initiates walking over hot coals, shards of glass or sharp stones………when in fact the initiates where not ready for such tasks.  It instead served as a form of trauma form the guru being distorted from negative energy influences and feeding off of an Earthly spiritual foot walking practice only intended for those initiates who had embodied specific spiritual aspects to do so.  This in turn has served as a spiritual distortion causing spiritual humiliation & harm to many within many timelines.

From what I am aware of we are in the midst of revealing timelines where spiritual abuses have taken place and bring in organic energies into those timelines for healing purposes.

The love passageways ~ which are gateways of organic frequency connection to this planet ~ are giving us more and more access to organic energy from timelines where the NAA (negative alien agendas) did not invade this planet.  By bringing that organic energy into our current timeline we also have the ability within our human body temple to go into traumatized timelines for much repair and rehabilitation.

This personal & soul family timeline healing is huge and it is being supported more on this planet than ever before via our guidance teams, spiritual galactic helpers & the crystalline energetic grids that have been repaired.  More and more humans will have access to their personal akashic records aka “cellular memory” due to DNA repair and upgrades.  As these energetic upgrades continue to occur and people’s light bodies become more repaired ~ the huge ripples of healing are expanding globally & galactically throughout all time and space.  


3D Diamond Body

The SOLAR PLEXUS / 3D LIGHT BODY is becoming more strong at this time for those who have been doing their clearing, healing & spiritual connection to their personal source energy field.  

What this stronger energy within the SOLAR PLEXUS is all about is a fuller spiritual connection to the 3D Solar Plane ~ personal spiritual power in connection with our human lives.  

The Solar Yellow/Gold Ray Bodies are receiving much enhancement ~ especially for those who have not had much access to their personal Earthly power in this life. 

The personal Earthly solar power is returning to many at this time in a multitude of ways ~ for some it is more access to more human consciousness for personal healing ~ for others it is access to more physical support in their lives (house, money, job, better livelihood) ~ for other it is access to more solidarity in the way that they feel with their connection to living here on Earth.  All sorts of personal empowerment with direction connection to our human lives is at hand with this STRONGER SOLAR PLEXUS.  

Fear based threads of energy are getting extinguished from having access within the SOLAR PLEXUS and this is due to anchoring HEART energies within the solar yellow/gold body ~ 3rd Chakra.  Many are going through initiation tests on how to navigate with a more empowered relationship to this Earth from the STRONGER SOLAR PLEXUS ~ it is refreshing for many at this time as it is indicating loving support and being on the right/left up/down road with more certainty.  

Yes, this has to do with the SOLAR PLEXUS being aligned more with higher self = more on track with what we are here to do in this life.  This will also equate to more easability and balance with planetary movement, missions, healing, helping, loving, creating community, working with others etc.  

The more one feels in connection to their personal power within the solar plexus ~ the more one can contribute that personal power to the larger humanity collective ~ it is the nature of how one grows when in alignment with their personal source energy.    

Much Love,  Catalina 

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