7:23:14 Energetic Update: Raising The Vagina



Catchy name for a post if I do say so myself.  

First off I want to express over the month of July an extreme amount of quietness, downtime, rest, inner reflection, personal clearing, fetal position and stabilizing the physical body has been at hand for a lot of folks.  

Through a human mental personality viewpoint ~ this has been an extremely challenging month for many ~ though if one has the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools to navigate ~ it has made some of the more challenging moments more bearable. 

RAISING OF THE VAGINA has to do with an inner returning of female empowerment that will reflect with an outer returning of the female empowerment here on Earth.  

As I am utilizing the word RAISING ~ this is for a multitude of reasons ~ though the biggest reason is RAISING THE VIBRATION OF THE VAGINA!!!  No I am not referring to a sexual physical vibrator ~ despite that is an interesting take on what I am writing here.  I am speaking of the energy vibration of the vagina is here to be raised.  

A lot of this has to do with HIGHER HEART ENERGIES OF THE DIVINE MASCULINE anchoring more and more upon the Earth throughout this 2015 timeline.  As this is happening it is allowing the RAISING OF THE VAGINA within the FEMALE PRINCIPAL (1D & 2D) to literally be lifted and raised energetically and then that energy lifting then affects the physical attributes of the female physical human body/personality level/life.  

Whereas the FEMALE VAGINA has been tanked for the most part within many of our females upon this planet………….simply take a look around……..Do we still have rape upon this planet? Do we still have humans having babies unconsciously? Are folks giving their human birthing rights/power away to hospitals? Do females have sexual possessions by men and or other spirits? Do we have pornography upon this planet showing the sexual misconduct/misusage of the vagina? Do we have prostitution still going on upon this planet?  Are men still treating women as breeders and as sex slaves upon this planet? YEP !  

How many women on this planet love their vagina?  Most women are trying to manage their physical vagina as best they can ~ from birth control, having sex, tampons, bleeding from the menstrual cycle, giving birth, yeast infections, pap smears, sexual diseases, dryness, itching, shaving, cleanliness, wearing the panties etc.    

How many women on this planet have been used for their vagina and the energy that it holds?  I would have to say virtually every woman on this planet has been used for her vagina in one form fashion or another.  Some may not feel this way yet, if I went to look into a field of a female whom felt she was squeeky clean in that area ~ I am sure I could find something that she did not know about ~ such as the siphoning of her sexual energies (which happens to most females regardless if they are conscious of it or not).  The VAGINA / 1D / Hip Area/ Root Plexus…………..is actually the physically strongest area of a womans body.  This is why most women have been plundered and tanked in this area.  If we as women had full access to our rightful VAGINA / 1D / Hip Area / Root Plexus / Full DNA structure in tact then………….whoooohoooooo……………….our world would be a much better place to live in with FULL LOVE IN THAT AREA.  

If you take your clothes off and look in the mirror at that part of your body ~ do you reflect LOVE ?  Or are you staring at fat?  Or looking at how wide your hips or thighs are? Or at how your bikini line needs a shave?  Do you have a pimple on your butt? Cellulite or Stretch Marks?  A scar from a C-Section? Are you feeling your vagina is undersexed/oversexed or not sexed correctly by a current lover/partner?  

We are at a time where great healing is occurring around masculine/feminine energies and with how they relate with each other ~ this has a lot to do with the RAISING OF THE VAGINA.  It is a literally a lifting up of the VAGINA with the energies of the Divine Feminine (Loving Herself Enough) and the Divine Masculine (Loving Himself Enough) to bring in the HIGHER HEART to RAISE THE VAGINA out of the mudholes that it has been kerplunked into via the old patriarchy structures.    

This means not misutilizing the physical body temple with food, drug (legal or illegal) and sexual misconduct…………..most humans are guilty of these things due to DNA being scrambled and due to negative interference upon this planet.  We as a human race have not been given the proper tools to honor our physical body temples correctly much less have been taught how to truly LOVE our genitals whole heartedly from the HIGHER HEART SYSTEMS OF ENERGY.

The energy conduit base of the VAGINA when PROPERLY RAISED is something that is so powerful that the female would be dealing with a whole new level of life, circumstances and energy connection to her physical human body temple.  

This is currently what we are in the midst of changing ~ some are more at the forefront of this than others ~ yet, it is affecting us all ~ for it is the female who brings the new physical life through her physical body.  

Some are RAISING THE VAGINA by perfecting their bodies more ~ better yoga pose, losing weight, new mate coming forth, better birthing arrangements, clearing an old disease pattern, healing old trauma, while others have been assigned to help nurture and help those with assault issues at the VAGINA.  There have been all sorts of ways I have been observing this energy of RAISING THE VAGINA.  

Even as I write this Energetic Update ~ I just received news from a client how she just gave birth to a baby girl today and this particular client has been upgrading how she honors her VAGINA with having a proper energetically and physically supported home birth.  Happy Birthday !!!!!  

As I am sure there is much more to be spoken/written about regarding this subject of RAISING THE VAGINA ~ though for now this is an energetic briefing of what is at hand currently.  

Much Love, Catalina 


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