8:25:15 Energetic Update: Love Grid Built



As this is a bit difficult to describe since I am unable to provide the necessary co-collaborative artwork to accompany at this time which always helps with explaining the invisible to those who cannot see, sense or feel yet.

For years and years lightworkers, starseeds, healers, sensitives and heart-centered folks have been connecting in higher frequencies of light to this planet we are residing upon to assist with the transition.

Where as the dark grids upon this planet have had dominance, reigned supreme, controlled and destroyed through various means…………………the lighter side/heart connected tissue-fabric has not always been able to hold up all the time due to dark grid dominance installed upon this planet.

Through this month of August we had some important activations with the 888 Lions Gate and through this time that we are currently in right now.  Over the weekend and through today it has been a big energetic time of higher code light frequency transmission for humans and this planet.

This year ~ as challenging as it has been for many of us ~ this is because we have been pulling off parts of soul selves that have still been stuck-onto the dark grid structures.

As we are going to continue heal, mend, nurture, love, kiss the wounds, beautify, purify, re-educate, help, heart-create, support, nourish and breath living light crystalline codes back into ourselves, and others around us………………….this is going to be much easier to do from here on out due to the LOVE GRID that has been accomplished and is BUILT at this time.

This is a “Big Love Whoopdy Do” for those whose lives have been in dedication and in service for this work.

We simply have not had enough strength as a unified whole (global whole) in the past……………we had bits and pieces of support here and there.  All of those acupuncture points that many of us who held within our own lives and within smaller groups or communities as paid off because the LOVE GRID IS BUILT & ANCHORED at a global level at this time.

What this means on a practical level for many is that it is going to be much easier to ground higher frequency work to this Earth ~ higher frequency Earth repairs will be made more easily available for those whose role it is to accomplish new technology systems of implementation, more and more proper soul family connection will be made available for those who are ready plus star family alliance will be able to communicate better.

The benefits of the LOVE GRID BUILT are going to multiply as we continue to move forward now and this is what the old negative systems don’t want you to know about (hence ~ so much darkness/drama around money, food, supplies, jade helm, robotic agendas etc.)

If you want more personal information regarding the LOVE GRID BUILT and how that works/connects with your personal life and experience…………….you can contact me for a session.  If there is a lot of interest I may possibly open up a class regarding this subject to explore more, connect more and widen the scope of the experience more for humans.

With that Much Love, Catalina 


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