8:5:15 Energetic Update: Grounding Pleasure



So pleased to be writing this Energetic Update today. Over the past couple of days the energies upon the planet have opened more portals of light to allow more Crystalline Frequencies of pleasure to be brought into the matrix for the sensitivities who have been working the “Underground”.  

Where as there are many lightworkers who have the duty of holding higher realms of frequency for the planet and that is their job.  There are many indigos and warriors who went into the “Underground” to deal with those battlegrounds and I am happy to report there is a much lighter sequence of relief that is anchoring in for those who have done their “Tour Duty” there and that is the platform of energy that is connecting in via “Divine Father Arc” energies to assist with GROUNDING PLEASURE upon the horizontal fields (Earth physical existence). 

This is happening due to Higher Heart Energies being made more available upon this planet and it will now translate to more and more physical support for many of our sensitive ones upon the planet in a multitude of ways……………GROUNDING PLEASURE is one of the “Biggies” at this time.  This is going to allow for much more happiness within many beings that they have never known in this lifetime……….new pathways of support with the human physical body, life experiences & living + the spiritual connection.  

This does not denote that all will be perfect smooth sailing as many still have a lot of clearing/healing to do…………..though what it means is that the frequency of PLEASURE is GROUNDING at large levels for a lot more folks at this time and I want to sing HALLELUJAH because this will make our jobs here on Earth much more bearable, easier and joyful to deal with.  When there is more physical PLEASURE in your life ~ then there is more opportunities for you to expand into what you are really here to do.

As many will be integrating the crystalline foundation of more ENJOYMENT, SATISFACTION, GRATIFICATION & DELIGHT into their human body temples and human physical lives………..this is part of the payoff that many have been thirsty for…………for a very long time.  As there will be interweaving with releasing the old still and interweaving these crystalline energies of PLEASURE………….be patient with yourself………….don’t have demands or expectations of yourself or others…………simply allow the energetic current to assist you with navigating how GROUNDING these supportive energies of PLEASURE will arrive and connect in with your personal experience.  

As I am truly honored to be reporting this at this time ~ I send you much love as we move through this 888 Lion’s Gate of support.  

Blessings, Catalina 

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