9:15:15 Energetic Update: 911 Hangover


9:15:15 ~ 911 HANGOVER
OK ~ Let’s face it ~ as much as I did not want to write this report ~ too much “Crapola Sause” is happening around the globe for me not to send this Energetic Update out.  

The day of Friday 9:11:15 actually went very well overall considering it is a day that triggers many folks into negative timelines of sadness and destruction.  And there are/were negative energies that are still riding on those negative portal openings to repeat that same destruction again of twin towers (only on the West Coast……..Hastings Tower & City Nation Tower at 505-555 South Flower Street)…………yes, more of the the 555 metatronic old reversal coding that I have been writing about for years in my educational site and books.

Hence, maybe this will give some of you some insight as to why I was geographically repositioned from Florida to the West Coast a few months ago.

The negatives also had a back-up twin tower plan in Tijuana, Mexico (though much less pronounciated as the black magic 911 repeat destruction that they have been using to get into the matrix is much more effective in LA).  Some of those black black magic twin tower images can be seen in image stunt tricks like the one at Hoover Dam (many thought it was a preperation strike at Hoover Dam ~ though it is not ~ it is simply black magic projection of Twin Tower energy):

Many were holding it down with so much light, happiness, loving connectivity, guarding and protecting ~ that as a global light/star family we did very well over all ~ THAT IS EXCELLENT NEWS ~ if I do say so myself.  They are going to try again preparing for next year 2016 to get that in as it is their last year to utilize old black magic/destructive patriarch energies here in the matrix.

Though what we have seen/experienced in the aftermath with the days following 9:11 of this year have been a bit daunting for some of to witness, observe and experience in our own lives………………this is what I am referring to as the “911 ENERGY HANGOVER“.

The negative energies have been in the fields over the 12th, 13th,  14th & today 15th…….. are the 911 ENERGY HANGOVER.  Many of the negative energies have affected our lives in personal ways, physical ways and geographical ways.

Examples are: 2.8 million evacuated in Japan (geeze does that country ever get a break?  Why anyone would want to continue living there is amazing considering that country continues to get slammed in a multitude of ways from those trying to sink it / destroy it / take it over………….Japan is a very special place on Earth…………this is why there is so much destructive weather patterns aimed there, volcanos going off there, radiation explosion there from Fukashima).

Harbin Hotsprings fire/destruction in California ~ again a very special place of healing/refuge for many living there / visiting there. 

The killing of Mexican tourists in Egypt (these were energy lightworkers visiting there ~ I personally had met/known the musician work of one of them that was killed)

The drama of Oklahoma putting an “innocent man” to death scheduled for tomorrow.     

The list goes on and on with challenging news from all around the globe yet there have also been many folks not feeling well + not having good outcomes in their personal and/or professional lives………….if you are one of those who has been feeling it/noticing it……………you now know why………….it is these harsh energies from the 911 ENERGY HANGOVER.

Some have felt a bit down or lost or gee, what is going to happen next or why aren’t my manifestations coming into fruition or how come everything seems up in the air without direct knowingness…………………I want you to know that if you have felt any of this or noticed any of these energies that I am speaking of in this newsletter………….you are not alone………..a majority around the globe have noticed and have felt this at some level.

As a sentient being who would rather discuss delight frequencies of happiness, glee, joy and love ~ it is also important to understand the darkness upon this planet, what we are transmuting, overcoming, going through together as a human family / soul family / star family upon this Earth……….is rather remarkable.

Sending much Love Your Way as we move through this month of September 2015.

Blessings, Catalina  

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