9:16:15 Energetic Update: Lesson From Raphael



Important To Read The Following Article Prior To Reading The Following Energetic Update: 


One of these Mexican tourists who lost his life in the airstrike in Egypt was a sacred musical healer who played the digeridoo, flute + many other instruments and his name is/was RAPHAEL.  RAPHAEL was a part of the Oneness Blessing Community and him + others had just left India to travel to Egypt when they were gunned down and lost their lives.  

I personally experienced RAPHAEL’s music playing 5 years ago while living in Ojai, California.  At the time I was out with my boyfriend on a date ~ yet, during that date at RAPHAEL’s music healing/playing……..my body went onto the floor and onto a bunch of pillows where I laid there for the entire musical program on the floor while everyone else sat in chairs.  My boyfriend at the time snuggled on the floor with me while my physical body and energy light body system went into some very dark places of energetic purging.  This was not just my personal purging of negative energies (gee, wish that it was)~ it was the purging support of the dark energies that RAPHAEL was blowing out of everyone in the entire room + blowing out from the negative gridlines in Ojai, California that I was handling ~ though at the time my human consciousness did not understand all of what was happening.  

I was briefed via my higher self afterwards and understood more after the fact.    When the music concert was over I could not stand-up by myself ~ my boyfriend had to help me walk and where I could barely walk ~ I was in bed re-cooperating for a couple of days afterwards.  Clearly not such a fun time for me ~ attending RAPHAEL’s concert was work for me.  

What happens in powerful healing sessions where HEALERS are involved is that whomever has the highest access to transmute the negative darkness that is being purged will by default become the “garbage disposal” that transmutes the dark negative energies from the environment.  If the HEALER is educated in the dark arts upon this planet than that HEALER will appropriately know how to energetically set up a transmutation portal within the environment to responsibly handle the crap that they are purging from the HEALING SESSION.  

Unfortunately RAPHAEL did not know anything about this ~ he just knew how to play amazing healing musical instruments and how to be the center of attention with what he does.  

Everyone at the music concert felt better except me and thank goodness my boyfriend was there to support my physical body at the time otherwise I would have been a sunk ship.  

A few months later after this musical event………. I ran into RAPHAEL  ~ I spoke with him about these negative energies and he just brushed me off like a dirty disposable paper towel ~ and said it was just me/my crap ~ which I knew it was not.

I do find it very interesting that the very thing I was brought in to help him with at his musical concert and then discuss with him a few months later are the same energies that ended his life.

This is difficult for me to discuss/speak about/say……………..yet it is true……………..I truly wish he would have given me the time of day/honored me/listened to me when it was divinely orchestrated for me to connect with him………………hard for me to see/witness that this happened to him in Egypt as it is such a special place.

I will connect with him in spirit now ~ and send him much love of healing ~ as the name RAPHAEL means HEALING/HEALER ~ green ray………………we will miss you dear one RAPHAEL upon this planet as your fine gifts of being a musician were much appreciated……………I do hope somehow/someway your guides will teach you about the darkness that you truly needed to know about too.

Love, Catalina

PS. RAPHAEL is not the only one I have transmuted for due to lack of understanding of the dark ~ there have been others too where I attended events and was on the floor comatose or crying it out or purging in some other way.  Though this is a very fine example of what many healing communities & healers do not understand yet.  

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