9:8:15 Energetic Update: Anchoring Celestial Relationship Codes For Divine Mother/Father



The CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES FOR DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER are getting anchored “Big Time” upon this planet now.  These are RELATIONSHIP CODES that are soul and oversoul related rather than old human body/3D related.  

Many are purging out old human body/3D relationship fear based codes and transmuting those old codes in exchange for the CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES.  

The CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES connect in with the LOVE GRID that has been built for those beings who have enough Source Code within their human existence at this time.  The beings who are ANCHORING THE CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES at this time are able to connect enough of the PLEASURE ENERGIES in a congruent form within their physical body temple ~ mind, emotions & light body energy field ~ so that DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER energy can merge, heal, become one, co~create and manifest together for source energetic strength upon Earth’s playing field at this time.  

This is a big operation at this time as many beings who accepted this calling are performing the ANCHORING in the ways that are appropriate/guided for them (meaning soul/over soul directed).

Some are working it out with discarding sexual abuse trauma ~ Lord knows that too many lightworkers have been traumatized with sexual abuse upon this planet. Some are working it out in already established relationships. Some are working it out with embracing new light codes within their physical body temple.  Some are working it out with sexual/sensual body work.  It is happening in different ways for those who have been assigned and it is all based upon a beings particular role and particular energy signature(s) at this time.  

These CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES FOR DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER have directly to do with embodying, relating and living the GOD/GODDESS energy of loving harmony + so much more!

Good Examples Are:

*DNA alignment of higher chakras and lower chakras.

*Genetic Equals & Consciousness Equals uniting upon the Earth’s Playing field and co-creating their lives together.

*Male/Female coming together for purification purposes of releasing unpleasant old energy stored in body.  

*New templates of how males/females can be together in form of work projects to support the HIGHER FREQUENCY CELESTIAL ENERGIES for Earth, children, plants, animals etc.

The movement of how this is happening is evolving rather quickly ~ meaning high gradient jumps for those whose role it is at this time to participate with ANCHORING CELESTIAL RELATIONSHIP CODES FOR DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER.      

The high gradient jumps are feeling good once we make the jump ~ though there are moments where the uncertainty (due to not knowing exactly where we are going to land) can be a bit perplexing to the human self ~ though the higher self has got you covered.  This is part of the art of TRUST at all times !

With that my darlings ~ Much Love, Catalina 

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