As many of us are aware we were in a 9 year (2016 = 9) and today we are in some delicious energies overall for the planet ~ as I will describe some of this too you via written words ~ though it is the energy that is really a “senior element” of what we are moving through/anchoring today.  

Beautiful Energy Is Sprouting Everywhere ~ via Rocks/Stones/StoneHenge (11th Gate) ~ Happiness Programs, Relationship Happiness Programs, Money Happiness Programs, Love Happiness Programs, Marriage Happiness Programs, Family Happiness Programs, Sharing Happiness Programs, Eating/Food Happiness Programs, Housing Happiness Programs, Making Money Happiness Programs, Raising Children Happiness Programs, Wealth Happiness Programs, Health Happiness Programs & Forgiveness Happiness Programs Too !  All these “Happiness Codes/Programs” are connecting, weaving and braiding into the energy of our planet stronger than ever before ~ then what happens is that folks like me who are transmitters connect it into our energy light body systems and send it out via our personal scalar wave systems.

 Scalar waves are like invisible radio frequency systems ~ they can be programmed negatively too such as the controlling government systems do with mind control broadcasting silent political scalar wave broadcast for the upcoming election or suicide programs.  Though today we are in charge on the planet.  We are going to experience more and more of this in the future as more and more folks connect in positive vibrations to the planet as with meditation, understanding their own influences of their energy body systems and how that works with the physical realm.  

One aspect important to address too is the MUSIC ~ I woke up this morning seeing 9:09 on the clock when it was actually 7:07………hmmmmmmm……………..when I was transferring from the sleep state to the physical awake state I was also connecting in the energy of the ROCK/STONES/STONEHENGE/ROCK CIRCLES IN AFRICA + PLANTS & ORGANS IN OUR HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS.  For those who are a bit behind in understanding what I am saying here: ROCKS/STONES have MUSIC IN THEM……….Stonehenge is the 11th gate (sacred site of stones)……….the continent of AFRICA is littered with CIRCLES OF STONES……….then thinking of all the stone technology of the pyramids placed globally, Coral Castle In Florida and the Grand Canyon.  

Plants SING music ~ for those who are unaware of this aspect ~ please visit the singing plants of Damanhur in Italy on youtube…………you will understand more.  

Then our physical bodies that connect to our energy light body systems SING too !  This is why it is so important to not have any of your organs removed via surgery ~ you need your ORGANS (yes, pun intended) for playing/expressing your personal codes of MUSIC either through your voice/vocal/5th chakra true blue energy or silently transmitting through your body system ~ which is your own personal scalar wave body system ~ this system will broadcast correctly the more and more you clear gunk from your physical body and energy body.  

The PHOTOSYNTHESIS process of plants works the same way as our human physical body systems do when we are aligned with proper energy ~ this proper energy has to do with nutrition (think mother earth foods ~ fruits/vegetables) ~ water and sunlight.  When we are able to hold enough photonic light within our physical body system we can stare at the physical SUN all we want without wearing sunglasses or just looking at it at Sunrise or Sunset.  I personally have not worn Sunglasses since 2009 ~ have not needed them due to what I am able to hold in my personal physical/energy body light temple.  

The Galactic Solar Systems Of Light Can Transfer Through Our SUN that we see from our human experience here on Earth from the Great Central Sun Systems.  Here is a photo that I took today from the ocean side while outside practicing Galactic Yoga at the Beach in Baja, California:  


YES……….you will also see some other round circles of light right next to the SUN………..that is another whole topic of discussion………though I will save that for another time.  Here is a photo of me from today 9:9:9 at the ocean when I took a break from yoga:  




Photo Of HAPPY FOOD that I made today and shared with others on the 9:9:9:  


This is a black bean humus (black beans……soaked for 2 days prior to making, violet onions, garlic, fresh squeezed lemon juice, tahini, pink sea salt, cilantro, cumin, cayenne pepper & olive oil) served with organic celery and cucumber chips.  Super Yummy !  

PHOTO OF LIONS GATE that I have to pass through to get to ocean ~ interesting LION STONES just showed up this past week ~ they were not there before ~ also the past 2 days the gate was locked and closed?????? Normally gate is open and available to walk through ~ though yesterday and today I turned around on both days thinking I would have to walk down to another property access point to get to ocean/beach area yet when I started walking I naturally met people who had the KEYS to unlock the GATE!!!  





As the money systems are shifting around the globe ~ on an energetic scale I broke the old codes this morning on the 9:9:9 with connecting the dots…………via the newborn Turtle Codes…………rhymes of children ~ babies ~ baby bathtime on the 999 ~ clearing intersection ~ via the little ones ~ living little DOLLS ~ are/ours ~ this is what we ARE…………makes DOLLours rather than Sense/Cents…………feed them properly and they will SING their energetic TUNES properly.  

Would you feed your plant soda? Nope ~ I don’t think so ! Would you feed a tree beef, chicken or pork?  Nope ~ I don’t think so !  

Would you feed a flower a hamburger or hotdogs or dorito potato chips or macaroni & cheese or sweet pastries like doughnuts?  Nope ~ I don’t think so!  

So lets discuss this a bit ~ why are so many folks feeding their babies, children, teenager and adult bodies (LIVING DOLLS OF LIGHT) these kinds of foods?  YES, we know that there are terrible food programs placed inside the matrix that we live in via negative agendas………….though if you can clear the programs from your mind, physical body and energy body………….then your body will want/crave natural energy nutrition just like a plant (minerals from the Earth, Water & Sunlight) and sing in beautiful harmonic rhythm as was always intended to be so.  With that my friends ~ have a beautiful time enjoying the energy of today or remembering the energies of today if you were able to connect into it.  Much Love, Catalina  

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