Catalina’s Angel Inspirations provides heart centered people, their family & wellness businesses with mastering soul freedom. By releasing old habits, patterns of pain, hidden or obvious addictions and disease symptoms that often overwhelm us in life ~ ~ ~ my clients receive intuitive tangible results medically, nutritionally & spiritually that lovingly nourishes them with support to the next level of health, wealth, renewed sense of joy & multidimensional happiness.


Over the past 13 years I have been assisting many soul family members along their life journey with my own soul mission gifts that I have developed. Always learning more ~ developing more ~ giving more……….so that I can be of most beneficial service to those who resonate with what I have to offer.



* Medical, Nutritional & Spiritual Intuitive Wellness Sessions & Monthly Session Packages ~ In Person, Skype or Telephone

* Angelic Bed & Breakfast In Rosarito, Mexico that is Eco-Friendly For The Sacred Traveler

* Inspirational Activation Art & Private Art Gallery

*Energetic Updates

*Huge Loving Insight & Energy Support While Working Alongside With Your Naturalpathic MD Doctor, Licenced Acupuncture Physician, Functional Medicine Doctor, Holistic Dentist Or Any Other Licenced Health & Wellness Care Provider That You Currently See.


*Providing All Natural Care Suggestions That Support Your Vital Physical Body Functioning Correctly & Energy Light Body Systems Functioning Correctly.


*Re-Education That Catalysises The Internal Spiritual Memory Codes Of Authentic DNA Connection.


*Kind Loving Assistance & Support For Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children & Adults.


Please Do Let Me Know How I May Best Be Of Assistance To You & Your Loved Ones ~ You Can Reach Me At 561-345-1363 Or Send E-Mail To: (Authentic Communications Only) ~~~~ Have A Great Day !

What is a GALACTIC METAPHYSICIAN?  (YES, this is another way to describe the Medical, Nutritional & Spiritual Intuitive Profession of having other worldly gifts)

A Physician is a person who heals or exerts healing influence.  When the word META is combined with the word PHYSICIAN = a person whose healing influence is in the science of what is beyond the physical.  When the word GALACTIC is placed in front of the word METAPHYSICIAN = a person whose healing influence and science is beyond planet Earth ~ other worldly from the other stars, dimensions and galaxies.