Medical, Nutritional & Spiritual Intuitive are the gifts of Catalina for her sacred session work that she provides via classes, retreats & one-on-one sessions (in person, skype or telephone) in Rosarito, Baja California Mexico at this time.  She has been conducting this specific level of work for 9 years now (since 2009).  Catalina also has a private art gallery/art studio & eco-friendly Bed & Breakfast geared to host the sacred traveler(s).  She assists with human self-empowerment at this time as she holds/has the gifts to see inside the energy light body systems (core level) to see what is going on with a person, pet or child + she has the nutritional tools, natural medicines and spiritual/other worldly abilities to assist with what each person(s) needs are.  

What is a GALACTIC METAPHYSICIAN?  (YES, this is another way to describe the Medical, Nutritional & Spiritual Intuitive Profession)

A Physician is a person who heals or exerts healing influence.  When the word META is combined with the word PHYSICIAN = a person whose healing influence is in the science of what is beyond the physical.  When the word GALACTIC is placed in front of the word METAPHYSICIAN = a person whose healing influence and science is beyond planet Earth ~ other worldly from the other stars, dimensions and galaxies.