I provide heart centered star family and their wellness businesses with mastering soul freedom. By releasing old habits, patterns of pain, hidden or obvious addictions and disease symptoms that often overwhelm us in life.  My clients receive intuitive tangible results medically, nutritionally & spiritually that lovingly nourishes them with support to the next level of health, wealth, renewed sense of joy & multidimensional happiness.


Over the past 13 years I have been assisting many star family members along their life journey with my own soul mission gifts that I have developed. Always learning more ~ developing more ~ giving more……….so that I can be of most beneficial service to those who resonate with what I have to offer.



* Star Family Medical, Nutritional & Spiritual Intuitive Wellness Sessions & Monthly Session Packages ~ In Person, Skype or Telephone

* Angelic Bed & Breakfast In Rosarito, Mexico that is Eco-Friendly For The Sacred Traveler

* Inspirational Activation Art & Private Art Gallery

*Energetic Updates

* Galactic Restorative Yoga In Nature Settings ((Connecting To Elemental Loving Families ~ Nature Angels, Sealife, Animals, Crystals, Minerals, Flowers, Plants, Trees, Stones))

*Huge Loving Insight & Energy Support While Working Alongside With Your Naturalpathic MD Doctor, Licenced Acupuncture Physician, Functional Medicine Doctor, Holistic Dentist Or Any Other Licenced Health & Wellness Care Provider That You Currently See.


*Providing All Natural Care Suggestions That Support Your Vital Physical Body Functioning Correctly & Energy Light Body Systems Functioning Correctly.


*Re-Education That Catalysises The Internal Spiritual Memory Codes Of Authentic DNA Connection.


*Kind Loving Assistance & Support For Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children & Adults.


Please Do Let Me Know How I May Best Be Of Assistance To You & Your Loved Ones

You Can Reach Me At 561-345-1363

Or Send E-Mail To:

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 Have A Great Day !

What is a GALACTIC METAPHYSICIAN?  (YES, this is another way to describe the Medical, Nutritional & Spiritual Intuitive Profession of having other worldly gifts)

A Physician is a person who heals or exerts healing influence.  When the word META is combined with the word PHYSICIAN = a person whose healing influence is in the science of what is beyond the physical.  When the word GALACTIC is placed in front of the word METAPHYSICIAN = a person whose healing influence and science is beyond planet Earth ~ other worldly from the other stars, dimensions and galaxies.