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ARTicle Originally Released 3-3-13 + Update in later part of article released May 2014

It is the combination of the 3 KEYS that the divine feminine holds + the 3 KEYS that the divine masculine holds that brings forth the RESET of the master number 33. What are the 3 KEYS?

* One KEY contains the divine feminine principals

* One KEY contains the divine child principals

* One KEY contains the divine masculine principals


In order to even have these 3 KEYS (Trinity Phase Lock) ~ one has to be a KEY HOLDER.

KEY HOLDERS are those who have the KEYS to unlock certain “spiritual doorways”/”energetic access ways”/”frequency portals” when the time is ready.

Many of the whales are KEY HOLDERS for the planet and many of the dolphins are the KEY TURNERS for the planet. Whereas, there are also some crystalline human beings and other animal beings on the planet at this time who are KEY HOLDERS and KEY TURNERS too.

What is a KEY TURNER? A being who does not hold the KEYS ~ though when handed the KEY or KEYS has the codes on how to TURN the KEY to unlock the “door”.

There have been TRINITY PHASE LOCKS in place so that beings who hold the KEYS did not have all the power. They would have to work in conjunction with the KEY HOLDERS ~ as a Crystalline Team for security measures.

For instance if a KEY HOLDER was taken / kidnapped / tortured for their KEY access it would do no good because they do not know how to turn KEY to open the locks. This is how the guardians of this planet have kept the KRYSTAL KEYS safe.

Only in sacred multidimensional realms that bridge with consciousness of the being on this planet are the KEYS revealed.

You will notice that the SOUND OF E is in both of the words:


In MUsic ~ notes are referred to as KEYS. When 3 KEYS are played in music it is called a CHORD. Well, clearly a majority of the music played here on Earth has been CORDing many beings with junk programming. Playing false tunes.

Same thing with the master number 33 ~ it has been misutilized in so many ways via the junk architects that have set this planet up for control measures. Examples of junk architects & black magic associated with the master number 33 along Earth’s 33 latitude line are:

*The first Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, was established in 1801 at Charleston, South Carolina. This charming antebellum port city and hub of southern culture is located less than 15 miles south of the 33rd parallel. Called the Solomon Lodge No. 1, the Masonic meeting place was known as the Mother Lodge of the world.

*33 degree Mason ~ Walt Disney ~ has the California Disneyland headquarters on the 33 latitude line and there is a private club at Disneyland is called “Club 33′′, supposedly named after the first 33 corporate sponsors of the theme park. It is the only place in the park where alcohol is served.

The reason for the alcohol at that particular point is so that the digressives in the energy realms ~ meaning demons in the astral debris can enter through the beings who drink the alcohol and infect that point in the matrix of the 33. Disneyland is also one of the major mindcontroll centers of the world and programming center for Project Monarch.


Resetting the 33 is a big job and today on the 3/3/2013 we have the calendar date working with us to intersect the MASTER KRYSTAL KEY CODES on this planet. The 3333 is getting ready to come on line soon ~ these are the full override systems of the 3/Three.

Resetting the 33 is a big job and today on the 3/3/2013 we have the calendar date working with us to intersect the MASTER KRYSTAL KEY CODES on this planet. The 3333 is getting ready to come on line soon ~ these are the full override systems of the 3/Three.

Today’s date: 3-3-2013 = 12 = 3 ~ it’s all about the 3!

As of right now I am aware of that certain Krystal masculine beings on this planet are holding 3 KEYS and certain Krystal feminine beings on this planet are holding 3 KEYS. Those masculine & feminine beings are being brought together at this time in sacred contexts to RESET THE 33!

3+3=6 ~ This is also a time where many beings are completing their 2nd TRIAD of soul/spiritual integration. Meaning the levels of the 1,2,3 chakras (Personality Matrix) and 4,5,6 chakras (Soul Matrix) ~ TWO TRIADS (3+3) are coming into a complete merge/integration within the human physical body. This step has to be fully done/complete prior to the gateways opening up for the 3rd TRIAD ~ 7,8,9 (Over Soul Matrix) initiation to happen with a person’s natural spiritual evolution path.

In the biblical stories it says Jesus was crucified at the age of 33 ~ the dead man up on a cross is what people worship in the Christian Religions ~ this satanic slaughter of true Christ/Kryst energies and all the crucifixion implants within our minds, emotional bodies and energy bodies are beginning to be felt and discovered by more and more people everyday.

We are also waking up to all of the Christ/Kryst Crucifixion that is being done to the planet Earth herself too. All of this goes hand and hand ~ meaning the micro (our energetic selves and human bodies) and the macro (the planetary bodies). The reason for the 33 years of age dead man up on a cross is a major black magic trick ~ to keep those who would connect to their higher spiritual bodies of the avatar/monadic matrix (10, 11, 12) ~ 4th TRIAD.

To spell this out for all of you:

1st TRIAD (3) ~ 1,2,3 chakras ~ personality matrix ~

ages birth-13

2nd TRIAD (3) ~ 4,5,6 chakras ~ soul matrix ~

ages 13-22


3rd TRIAD (3) ~ 7,8,9 ~ over soul matrix ~

ages 22- 33

4th TRIAD (3) ~ 10, 11,12 ~ avatar monadic matrix ~

ages 33-44


3 Squared

The master age of 33 is when one initiates into their Avatar Monadic Bodies and continues to work on integrating them (the avatar monadic braid of the 10,11,12 chakras/dimensional layers) until the master age of 44.

At age 44 that is when one really completes their mastery of integration of their personal 12th dimensional blueprint system.

This is why the negative alien agendas have people worshiping religions where a 33 year old dead man on a cross is crucified~ it literally keeps people locked out of the higher spiritual body principals. It is a black magic satanic frequency fence built right into the matrix and is accepted as normal by so many people.

This black magic trick ~ that has been so painful and so horrible ~ is getting unplugged from the core. Hence the changes with the Pope and a whole lot of other stuff too.

When the core gets unplugged ~ which it has been ~ then the reset can happen. This is what is happening today with the 33. The 33 is being

RESET on the 3/3/2013.
Much Love To All Of You! Catalina ~ ARTicle written March 2013 PS. 12:21 (3:3)


*Release of 33 RESET Polarity Integration Contracts (33 Years Ago ~ 1981)

*Christ Crucifixion Polarity Integration Contract To Release The Capstone Of The 10D



A Few Of The Cases That I Have Personally Dealt With In Sacred Session Work Over The Past Month That Directly Involve The Christ Crucifixion Polarity Integration Contract To Release The Capstone Of The 10D Involve:



* TRAUMA FROM OTHER TIMELINES CAUSING DISEASE PATTERNS IN THIS TIMELINE ~ Egyptian High Priestess Beheading (V/V Game ~ Betrayal, Jealousy, Envy, Murder Played Out Via Soul Family Members) ~ That unresolved trauma caused a throat/thyroid disease pattern when the person what triggered 33 years ago from reading an Egyptian Book On King Tut that was placed on the coffee table within their own home as a child in this lifetime.


There are physical & multidimensional black magic libraries that the masons/black magicians within this time matrix have been holding as “energetic placement holders” to cast their black magic spells / create their black magic architecture in buildings, temples, entertainment industries (TV, film, radio, music) & logos/statues/art + more.

These 33 Degree Mason Temple Black Magic Libraries Are Beginning To Crash Down ~ meaning their black magic stronghold effect of holding these libraries is losing it’s grip of dominant power.

Many of those who have been holding platforms of proper spiritual education that don’t put the capstone on the 10D / false tree of life (10-point tree) ~ and who in fact understand the full 12D angelic blueprint / 12-point tree of life ~ are those who have libraries of public information & education that people can access such as blogs, articles, art, video, music etc………….are those who are a part of the new energetic placement holders of true public library teams of a more balanced 33 / 10D / Safire STAR.





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