ARTicle: Blue Flame Fire Letter

ARTicle LogoBlue Flame Fire Letter


This particular inspirational activation art piece was created in 2010 ~ yet here I am in 2016 delivering the words of the spiritual technology around it ~ the Blue Flames are representational of the Blue Flame Family Systems.  Blue Flame Family Systems can be referred to as a literal Blue Flame Flame Family ~ these are star families who carry Blue Flame Coding within their energy light body systems as humans here on Earth.  The Blue Flames can also be referred to as the Blue Flame Spiritual Technology.  

Within this Blue Flame Fire Letter inspirational activation painting ~ the Blue Flame Spiritual Technology is being utilized to open frozen packets of light (miasms) that are indicated via the 9 dark purple triangles.  The 9 dark triangles are simply holding information (part of dormant and damaged DNA that has not been unlocked yet or reconnected yet).  The Blue Flames (light spiritual technology) have the ability to open these triangles of coded information that are in a form of Fire Letters.  Fire Letters have a sequence of how DNA is originally and organically coded rather than being scrambled like this:  


The Golden Background of this Blue Flame Fire Letter is simply the beautiful gold energy of making this particular painting more aesthetically pleasing to view + brings that gold ray of energy to the entire composition of this art.  

Blue Flame Fire Letter With Tree Background

Much Love, Artista ~ Catalina

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