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Flower Circuit Plates Square


FLOWER CIRCUIT PLATES is an inspirational activation art piece that was commissioned.  As I am always given creative license to allow what intuitively need to come forth for all projects ~ this particular painting was certainly a surprise when I found out the technologies within it directly pertain to over~ride systems of the satanic seeds that have been energetically implanted within a lot of humanity.   

Design specifics were important for this particular painting 24 x 24 with the center core flower being 12 x 12.  Divine architecture is fully at hand here with the size of the canvas dimensions. 

The spiritual vision of these FLOWER CIRCUIT PLATES was shown to me on 7:7:13 ~ a couple of days after the actual agreement to provide an activation painting for a client who wanted a painting done for their office in Boca Raton.  

The center core flower arrived first ~as it is deep set into the central part of the canvas by 1 inch. 

Flower Circuit Plates Center

It is the is CENTRAL CORE FLOWER that is the “BIG MAMA” and major energetic spiral aqua~marine “CORE” for the divine mother energies to “CIRCUIT ~ IN” from the 13 dimensional creational fields.  This CENTRAL CORE FLOWER is the 13th FLOWER in this activation painting.  

  This CENTRAL CORE FLOWER then transmits energies to the 12 surrounding flowers via the 4 Corners.  Those 12 surrounding flowers are fully anchored and in resonance with the CENTRAL CORE FLOWER ~ hence, this is an energetic circuit plate of “Flower Power” connected into the 13th dimensional realms of powerful love energy through Divine Mother in action.  

Flower Circuit Plates Diamond

The “Flower Power” spiritual technology of this painting was a complete surprise to me when these FLOWER CIRCUIT PLATES were installed within a client’s energetic body systems as an over~ride of satanic seeds running through her energy body.  The installation of these FLOWER CIRCUIT PLATES was installed at the HEART area which is the anchoring architecture of “Divine Mother”.  In other words, it was an infusion of energy to purify, upgrade and re~encode energetic circuitries within the light body systems of my client.

   FLOWER CIRCUIT PLATES is a colour ray coded, mathematically coded with divine architecture + coded through the spiraling flowers images for pure energetic transmissions into this time matrix. 

This painting is also a template that holds the energetic technologies that are coming through as over~ride systems for the satanic seed energetic systems that have been flowing through the spiritual veins of humanity for quite a long time.  It is like receiving a flush of “Divine Mother” energies through the energy bodies as the spiraling flowers circuit through our NEW SPIRITUAL VEINS here on Earth.  

Love,  Catalina ~ Artista 11:11  

ARTicle Originally Written & Designed July 2013

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