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What Colour/Heart Vibration Are You Painting With Your Life Today? This is the question! We are at a time where the colour frequencies, heart living vibrations of energy and living light are intertwining into our human physical lives in beautiful integral ways.  Yes, of course some days are easier to incorporate these Colour/Heart Vibrations than others ~ yet they are here for us to choose should we so elect to do so.

 Our life is like an artista palette ~ a HEART ARTISTA PALETTE if we want that for ourself and for others to feel and experience from us in our walk throughout the day. What colour/vibration are you going to dip your paint brush of life into today?  

These frequencies of energy are more and more important to have and hold for longer periods of time and for those who can hold it throughout the day………even better ! Many have been building up to holding these frequencies within their energy light body systems / central nervous system / emotional body system for a while now…………it is the whole carbon to crystalline transition in human embodiment.  


There are 17 colours in this HEART ARTISTA PALETTE ~ believe you me I could make a few more of these too to dip our paint brushes of life into ~ though these are the ones for now that I am guided to present with this inspirational activation art piece.

1) PLENTY ~ Plenty of all abundance, love, kindness, beauty, laughter………….this list goes on and on with this one ! 

2) HUGS ~ lots of these daily will do just fine !

3) HAPPY ~ vibration oozes out of every inch of your pores on your body……….people feel it !

4) SUNSHINE ~ Vitamin D galore + radiant skin = healthy skin and energy glow from you !  

5) WANTED ~ YES, you are wanted for being you ~ you are wanted for your presence here upon this Earth ~ you are wanted for your valuable contribution by living at this time!

6) KINDNESS ~ to be practiced all of the time !

7) SEEN ~ YES, you are being SEEN for your heart love energy!  

8) LAUGHTER ~ doses in high quantity are best !

9) KISS ~ often !

10) BEAUTY ~ you in all of your glory !

11) TENDERNESS ~ applied daily to yourself and others breaks up density very quickly!

12) STAR LIGHT ~ radiates through the human body temple when accessed from within!  

13) PLAY ~ all the time !  

14) DANCE ~ for fun !

15) LOVE ~ is there anything else you need to know?

16) NOURISH ~ physical body, mind, emotions, spirit, life, relationships, animals, Earth etc.

17) JOY ~ yeah Baby !

Love, Catalina 

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