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The 7D KRYSTAL TREE took 3 months to complete and I was beginning to feel that this Inspirational Activation Painting would not materialize and get scrapped. How wrong I was. It is one of those paintings that had to come through with perfect divine timing ~ and that timing is NOW!

The KRYSTAL WINGS/ARCHES/BRANCHES that extend out from the center of the KRYSTAL TREE (tree trunk) with 3 DNA strands intertwining ~ are individual krystals/crystals that PLAY, CHIME & SING TONES ~ it is the essence of the 7D KRYSTAL MUSIC that this KRYSTAL TREE plays, sings, tones and chimes.

There are 14 KRYSTALS ~ one on each wing/arch/branch of the KRYSTAL TREE. Some of the Lemurian Singing Krystals are small & some are large as to provide the full KRYSTAL TONES within  the orchestra of this KRYSTAL TREE.

14 is an important number as it relates to the SUN CHILD / DIVINE CHILD energies from the 14th dimension. 14th dimension also relates to the WINGED ONES/SERAPHIM/AVIAN creational energies ~ hence why the KRYSTAL TREE’s branches are arching like wings/wing spans.

The 3 stands of DNA that form the center body of the tree create a trinitized form of spiritual connection. This KRYSTAL TREE is actually what blossoms within us/our spiritual bodies that play the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES.


MUSIC OF THE SPHERES is a form of healing music from within ones inner self that activates
the Krystal Body (12th dimensional blueprint expressing in physical manifestation). The MUSIC OF THE SPHERES music carries audible sounds in the multidimensional fields (inaudible in this physical world unless sung via the voice) for preparing ourselves for freedoms of spiritual travel throughout the cosmos & conscious manifestation. This MUSIC OF THE SPHERES is a sacred spiritual tonal*musical*vibrational*frequency science that utilizes the TRINITIZED SOUND WAVES (3 strands of DNA that form the KRYSTAL TREE TRUNK). The TRINITY of energy flowing through the sound waves are representational of the DIVINE


THE 7D KRYSTAL TREE is very powerful sacred connection to oneself. When THE 7D KRYSTAL TREE activates or part of it activates within a human being who is connected to their inner worlds/self ~ then it has the power to heal ourself, repair more dormant & damaged DNA, allows one to sacredly manifest & open cosmic doorways of travel/expansion.



Overriding the CADUCEUS medical/medicine symbol is another function of THE 7D KRYSTAL TREE. When one is connected to & has activated their inner 7D KRYSTAL TREE there is no need for traditional medicine/meat body surgeries/giving one’s power away to a supposed “doctor” because you have the natural ability to heal yourself and utilized non-evasive/non-medical/non-drugging energy light procedures.

The CADUCEUS is actually a black magic symbol that utilizes serpents/snakes wrapping themselves around a staff to pin down the energy of the WINGS/WINGED ONES. This is part of the hijacking of the GOLDEN EAGLE GRID & the creational Avian/Winged Ones energies. The CADUCEUS is actually a weapon that misutilizes the wings to pin down/tack down the spiritual light bodies of many beings who carry the energy of the Seraphim/Winged Ones/ Avian. Where as many people have been programmed to think this medicine/medical symbol of the CADUCEUS is helpful ~ from my point of view it is not!

The TRUE STAFF is one that is fully connected to Krystal/Crystalline/Kryst TRINITIZED FIELDS.

The TRUE WINGS are allowed to fly for their purest/highest evolution & spiritual processes.

The TRUE SNAKES /SERPENTS have no need to wrap/coil/bind anything from true freedom.

The TRUE MEDICINE in this world has been hijacked via the programming of the “Medical Matrix” (hospitals, medications/drugs, surgeries, psychiatrists, medical doctors & nurses who are trained to treat meat bodies).

The TRUE MEDICINE is addressing the spiritual/energy bodies combined with higher self knowingness on what natural remedies are needed to support the physical body and energies bodies with healing.


Krist Tree

I have been working with recoding the traditional Christmas Tree and programming systems that go along with it for the past few years. The Inspirational Activation Painting above is an example of that.

The natural energies of the Evergreen Tree Family such as pine, spruce or fir that are misutilized in our homes and scattered with shinny balls, lights & decorations ~ are in fact a direct assault upon our nature & elemental families.

The Evergreens are related to SPIRITUAL GRANDFATHER / DIVINE FATHER ENERGIES ~ so it is like saying when we participate with the whole cutting of the fresh trees for Christmas ~ we are chopping off our DIVINE FATHER’s energy from fully flowing with us.

In addition, that tree energy is utilized to fulfill the Illuminati SANTA CLAWS black magic money- making program by placing the “goods” under the tree. And all of this is suppose to be done in the name of the Religions ~ clearly a false worship of getting people to stay stuck outside of themselves rather than to connect to their own inner 7D KRYSTAL TREE that eternally sparkles.

The reason why so many people like the Christmas Trees is because they sparkle & shine & glimmer ~ it makes us happy to see them! The reason we are so happy to see them is because it reminds us of our forgotten 7D KRYSTAL TREE within our spiritual light body system which is the TRUE KRYSTAL TREE. Those krystals on every winged colored branch of the tree plays a tone of music ~ the music is part of the colour frequencies ~ light connection of our energy body systems.


May the 7D KRYSTAL TREE & it’s music always be remembered by you ~ for it is within you ~ always there to play the music of your TRUE HEART!




Tiffany Star

As I have not wanted to write this ARTicle about the TIFFANY STAR over the past few months since I first learned about it in Sepetember 2013 because my personality has been grappling with this particular subject of the 5 pointed star. It simply took a few months to digest this “star knowledge” prior to delivering the information ~ anyhow, I am facing it now.

Above, I wrote a lot about
the KRYSTAL TREE ~ well, this TIFFANY STAR goes along with the KRYSTAL TREE. It is a trinitized and triple colored BLUE~RED~GREEN 5 pointed star.


The TIFFANY STAR is comprised of 3 stars (trinity) ~ one inside each other and the stars spin in a DIAL format that activates, unlocks or locks in certain codes within the spinning star.

The TIFFANY STAR is a 5th dimensional activating star that works with the trinity codes of creation. It is an activating star that sets in motion the inner 7D KRYSTAL TREE

The TIFFANY STAR can move into any of the branches of the KRYSTAL TREE (your inner 7th dimensional Krystal Tree Body) for it to bloom into the illuminous.

* Sound via the Krystals *

* Light via the Krystals *

* Colour via the Krystals *

is what the TIFFANY STAR activates!

The green part of the TIFFANY STAR is directly connected to the base of the soul matrix ~ HEART.

The red/rouge/pinky part of the TIFFANY STAR is directly connected to the base of the personality matrix ~ ROOT.

The blue part of the TIFFANY STAR is directly connected to the 5th dimension ~ voice/sound star ~ blue star families ~ TRUTH.

The gold surrounding the TIFFANY STAR is the 8th dimensional gold ray energies supporting it ~ HIGHER HEART.

The returning of 5th dimensional stars ~ 5th dimensional planetary bodies and the power of the blue ray is what is at hand here.

May the activation of the TIFFANY STAR inspirational painting with it’s trinitized energy be one of much healing power for you at this time.


For further educational studies please visit the ARTicle: TIFFANY STAR / STAR OF BETHLEHEM ACTIVATION


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