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Multiple Sun Lights


The Golden Sun Light radiates so brightly and eloquently that the other distant Suns can be seen through our sun if you have the multi-dimensional eyes to sea it.  

Sparkles & twinkles of other SUNS carrying the Golden Sun Codes/Son Child Codes radiate into our spectrum of the universe via gamma-ray bursts of bright electromagnetic energy.  

Our children carry these pieces within their bodies ~ the Golden Sun shows us too via our multi-dimensional vision ~ this latest Inspiration Activation Painting: MULTIPLE GOLDEN SUN LIGHTS displays this phenomena too.  

As we are coming to a close of the 2014 Golden Year Of Anchoring The Divine Child Energies at more grounded levels than ever before ~ this is a celebration time of honoring our Children, honoring our Inner Child & honoring the role that the CHILD PLAYS !  

The CHILD AUTHORITY PROGRAMS (false child structures from the false parent) are collapsing as the authenticity of the real CHILD “Star” INTELLIGENCE is anchoring it’s divinity.  The CHILD “Star” INTELLIGENCE does not need a false authority or old structures to be bound within ~ though it does well with it’s natural knowingness of how to: PLAY/LEAD/TEACH/LEARN/FUN/JOY/LAUGH/ 

Multiple Sun Lights

The MULTIPLE GOLDEN SUN LIGHTS are the “BackBone” of how the CHILD “Star” INTELLIGENCE is felt, known, and perceived in the most loving way.

The great SAGE within the CHILD is at hand as the MULTIPLE GOLDEN SUN LIGHTS shine upon our lands & waters with energy connection that feeds our CHILD SOUL with the nourishment of plenty, love of billions of babies, restful naps of replenishment, playful soul based connection and giggles of gamma-rays that activate the glory of goodness in our lives.    

Much Love, Catalina 

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