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Traditionally on a paper piece of money you will see the master number codes being used with some old dead dude’s head (often some old dead government official like a supposed “President” in the middle of the piece of paper such as with the following examples:

US Dollar Bills

This is all a bunch of funny money that was printed to be taken seriously via a financial control structure (originally backed by gold) that was created in the early 1900’s to enslave humanity with a mind program control.  The funny money was also set with the #5 sequencing (1,5,10, 20, 50,100)……………..most folks think in 1’s or 5’s when it comes to funny money due to conditioning /mind control of the funny money programming system.  Most folks are not sitting around wondering why there is not a $6.00 bill or a $44.00 dollar bill for example.  Hence, why the OPEN PURSE STRINGS inspirational activation painting was created.  To assist those stuck mind control / money conditioning / fear based systems / scarcity systems / greed systems regarding funny money.  

Open Purse Strings ~ Turquoise Background With Round White Edges

OPEN PURSE STRINGS brings new money codes via the master number crystal codes, fun colours and numerology to the table for those to wake up regarding money.  Plus this opens the way for generosity, love, support, kindness, abundance, flow, giving, goodness and heart to connect with the energy of mONEy to the love grid that operates at higher frequency levels upon this planet.

Much Love, Catalina Angel 

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