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Red Onion with heart


2 nights ago I was preparing a beautiful vegan cream of zucchini soup and guess what I found when chopping my violet onion for the soup?  Just to be perfectly honest my soups rock ~ they are so packed with nutrition, taste good, are high vibe and are so satisfying to the physical body.  So what could be more pleasurable than that for a great supper?  FINDING THE LOVE CODE WITHIN THE PEARL OF THE ONION ~ THAT’S WHAT !

Often in my teachings I refer to the PEARL OF THE ONION.  You have to peel back the many layers to get to the PEARL CORE ~ this is such an amazing physical LOVE example of what happens when we do peel the many layers around us and get to the pureness of who and what we really are at the HEART/CORE/SOUL level.  I absolutely LOVE how the violet onion is our teacher ~ gotta LOVE MOTHER EARTH and the Mexican farm & farmer for growing this one + me for attracting/manifesting it for teaching and high vibration soup eating purposes.

Often when we are going through the thick density layers of clearing our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies of debris………….it can be very, very challenging.  We get through one layer……………and think YEAH we achieved that ~ and we did ~ yet only to find another layer we have to get through.  Many of us have felt exhausted from going through so many different layers of clearing for so long or feel stuck or feel as if our patterns are repeating from not clearing a layer fully.

Well, the VIOLET ONION TEACHER is here to show us this is where it is all at ~ Quadruple the LOVE ~ 4 HEARTS at the PEARL CORE of this VIOLET ONION.

If the VIOLET ONION can do it ~ so can we !  We can connect our HEARTS to the VIOLET RAY energy fields (True Crown) ~ HEAD (true mind/true royalty/true insight/true connection) while living here on Earth!
2 days after finding the 4 HEARTS in a VIOLET ONION………..I then found another heart at the CORE in a  another VIOLET ONION.  Here is the photo of that one:

1 Heart Red OnionMay you all be inspired via the simplest form of teaching from the LOVE CODE from the PEARL OF THE VIOLET ONION in manifest form !

Love, Catalina

PS. Yes, this is what attracts, comes into one’s life when we are connecting/living/vibrating at higher frequencies in our physical lives.    

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