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Praying Manis Being


Wanted to bring in a drawing of a PRAYING MANTIS BEING whom I was with recently ~ this is multi-dimensionally of course ~ and this particular being is directly connected with deep inner Earth planes here in Florida.  

The technology that this particular PRAYING MANTIS BEING had with making connection with me the other night was impressive ~ it was like the greatest inner Earth elevator rose up from miles and miles to connect with me on the Earth crust surface ~ I was then brought through this inner Earth elevator and to an assembly where I was being honored for my work ~ hey, at least some beings appreciate what I do and know how to honor in the deepest respect (very unlike my experiences with humans here on Earth).  

I had recently gathered many, many parts of my sensual/sexual body that were still residing in other timelines and had brought them into a completion whole for sexual/sensual healing integration.  As soon as I had completed this inner soul journey work ~ that was when the PRAYING MANTIS BEING showed up and I went to an assembly.  It was cool beans !

Anyhow, received much more understanding about my personal mission work here in Florida and feel great about being contacted via a guardian PRAYING MANTIS BEING who served as guide to take me to the assembly.  

One thing I want to mention about the PRAYING MANTIS BEING is that he (at least it seemed like a he) is completely telepathic ~ that is their primary means of communication is telepathy.  The eyes are so HUGE that it is captivating ~ so much love frequency and telepathic communication happens through those HUGE EYES ~ the eyes are amazing.  

The head of the PRAYING MANTIS BEING is huge compared to an extremely narrow neck ~ neck is pencil thin ~ as well as these giant whispy fingers/hands.  The hands on this being are all these long amazing fingers that are extremely filled with all sorts of amazing healing capabilities, flexibility and multidimensional abilities…………I felt like I was being guided via a PRAYING MANTIS DOCTOR with those hands of his (at least I think it is a he).  

This experience with the PRAYING MANTIS BEING was one of those milestone experiences in life ~ so I wanted to share and also bring some education to you regarding this particular kind of ET being from direct personal experience.  

Much Love, Catalina 

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