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While walking along the seashores of Rosarito with my pup wondering if the sun really wanted to come out and play or not………seems as if the sun has been playing peek-a-boo deciding if it really wants to come out and SHINE or just play behind the clouds………..the call of nature had many folks connecting with the beach and the sea.

As the beach walks are so refreshing for natural vitamin D and negative ion replenishment for our human bodies……….I look down and see/sea an intact SAND DOLLAR. Whereas, the main beachside of Rosarito seems to be sparse of seashells ~ to actually find a shell in tact ~ much less a SAND DOLLAR was a treasure find indeed!

The natural inscription on this particular SAND DOLLAR starts with 1,2,3…………..Wowzers, I thought………this is a sea gift of the divine indeed………and on top of all of that…………this was the first SAND DOLLAR I had ever found. A beauty of design………a mandala from the sea and oh, how I was seeing the glimmer of nature’s grace with this fortunate find.

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This amazing gift immediately connected me to my soul ~ my heart ~ the love within myself as I felt like the richest gal on the Rosarito seaside at that moment. This richness of life, wonder, beauty and personal life affirming treasure energy was with me and there was no doubt about that.

I felt that the energy of the SAND DOLLAR was helping to overcome some of the negative financial and economic DOLLAR situations that I have experienced while here in Mexico where many folks find themselves locked into mind-sets of poor me, pity me, I need more money………oh, look at the gringos……….they are walking pesos to financially support all of the poor of Mexico.

The imbalances around the energy of mONEy within Mexico, the USA and around all of the world have often caved-in our spirit of life ~ “keyed us” into tight mental frameworks that cause our personal energy into that of fear, lack, scarcity, sadness and upset around the subject of mONEy.

We often see how those energies of fear, lack, scarcity, sadness and upset then cause folks to do things they should not be doing, manipulate others just to have a DOLLAR or some PESOS or beg on the streets. Yet, some are more crafty & creative and feel their worthiness to create a business yet within the business (and especially if business is slow) end up on the depressed side of life if there is not enough mONEy coming in.

Whereas we all have experienced negative challenges around the subject and energy of mONEy…………….it is the energy of the SAND DOLLAR that I bring to you today to assist with refreshing the spirit, mind, emotions and body…………….for it is a beautiful find………….an amazing energy to be shared with all of you readers so that we connect to the essential natural energy.¬†

That essential energy of nature then has the power to help our beingness of who we really are to shine and bring balance within us. When we are in more “in-tune” to natural life balance within ourselves that is when the energies open up within us for our perceived problems in life to be solved.

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So with that ~ please IN-JOY the treasure of the ROSEarito SAND DOLLAR ~ it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Love, Catalina 

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