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3 Sun Disks Complete Angeled


 These are a series of SUN DISKS that were created during the month of April 2014.

4:14:14 SOULAR(c) SUN DISK (Gold / Amber / Yellow)

4:16:14 BLUE SUN DISK (SAfire /Aqua~Marine / Cobalt)

4:22:14 GREEN SUN DISK (Lime / Emerald / Jade)

These series of 3 SUN DISKS have been brought forth over the past couple of weeks are a part of the inner Sun~Light connection to the Great Central Sun Energies.  There are a variety of Sun Families amongst the Great Central Sun Families ~ 3 of those Sun~Light Families are represented here via the crystal grids activating the Solar Yellow, Blue & Green SUN DISKS.

The 3 SUN DISKS are activated via those carrying 2 sets of 12 (24 DNA strands) ~ Double Diamond Sun Energies within their genetic code (often those of high priestess/priest roles).

These SUN DISKS are a part of an interdimensionalcommunication system (sound, colour, light frequencies) from Earth to the Great Central Sun Families.

Solar Sun Disk Complete


  This Inspirational Activation Art Piece SOULAR(c) SUN DISK is “Starlight Technology” and can only be run via those who have double diamond sun codes ~ template structure of 24 DNA strands.

 1 Diamond Sun Body = 12 strands of DNA

2 Diamond Sun Bodies = 24 strands of DNA

The SOLOUR(c) SUN DISK runs via solar energy (Great Central Sun Systems) and resets scrambled fire codes / DNA / can connect in at 1D levels for restorative healing within the root chakra.  There are various coloured SUN DISKS ~ though this SOLAR/SOULAR(c) SUN DISK is being presented for specific healing purposes within very dense levels of our existence.  A while back I wrote an ARTicle: Chakra Light Codes that featured this Inspirational Activation Painting:

Chakra Light Codes ~ White

The Chakra Light Codes were brought in over a year ago to assist with the activations of those who have Double Diamond Sun Body templates within their energy signature.  This is now a time where those Double Diamond Sun Body templates are ready to go into further action at this time via running 12D currents with the Soular(c)/Solar Sun Disk Starlight Technology.

A crystal grid made of Citrine, Copper, Amber & Mountain Rock was built along top of theSOULAR(e) SUN DISK:

Solar Sun Disk W: Crystal Grid Flat Angle

There are 41 parts of the SOULAR(c) SUN DISK ~ hence why this piece is being released on the 4:14:14 ~ connecting in the power of the 41/14 (5/5) proper energies.

There is a 25 minute meditation that is made available to you if you feel in resonance to understand thisSOULAR(c)/SOLAR SUN DISK Starlight Technology at further levels.



Blue Sun Disk Complete

Within the Great Central Sun families ~ there are a multitude of SUNS ~ one of those SUNS is the Gold/Yellow/Amber SUN energy system that I mentioned above and another one of those SUNS is the BLUE SUN.

The BLUE SUN energy systems are in the midst of repair and restoration with its “true blue” connection within our solar system that we live within currently.  The BLUE SON energy systems are a part of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN families that hold/carry the blue ray light, crystalline blue energy & “blue notes” of sound harmonics, ~ very much like a universal cosmic orchestra of music ~ all of the SUNS play their own “note”.

The Blue Crystals ~ Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Agate & Raw Turquoise ~ provide the crystalline activations within this Blue Sun Disk art rendering.


Green Sun Disk Complete

The GREEN SUN DISK has a unique energetic flavor in the fact that it is a “hybrid sun disk” that was created via a combination of the Solar (Yellow) Sun Families & Blue Sun Families = Green Sun Family that exists within the Great Central Sun Family Systems.

The Green Crystal Grid consists of:  Emerald, Peridot, Jade, Amazonite & Malachite/Azurite Crystal Combination.

The great love connection is represented here ~ the love between our Central Sun Families and Earth Family is what the GREEN SUN DISK is all about ~ for it is the flowing of love frequency from when the GREEN SUN DISK is “chimed” here on Earth that the energy gateways open from the Great Central Sun.

Love,  Catalina 

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