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WOWZERS ! TREE SHIPS ~ Who Knew??? Fascinatingly enough most UFO folks are looking for a flying saucer ~ a flying object with lights, beams or technology of some kind.  Those metal ships are often what we think of when it comes to UFO’s.  

Amazingly enough ~ here at Catalina’s Angel Inspirations the latest inspirational activation painting is displaying a TREE SHIP with soft blue beings.  

The soft blue beings landed their TREE SHIP on the property of where I live and were assisting me with reanchoring the land grids here ~ reanchoring better energy for me to live on and within this Earth home that I rent + assisted me with understanding how the TREE SHIP technology works.  

The root systems are what anchor the TREE SHIP onto the Earth Grids and recalibrate the energy of the specific land area to a more aligned frequency of energy.  

Inside the TREE SHIP is a portal access way that allowed me to anchor my specific energy upon other parts of the Earth Globe of where my specific energy is needed to ROOT in at this present time.  They showed me how to set up my own TREE SHIP so that my energy can connect to more beings who need to connect with my particular energy piece/peace.  

Because my particular energy and work can be perceived as “Whooo Whooo”  and “Way Out There” to those who have not personally experienced certain aspects of consciousness yet ~ this TREE SHIP technology is assisting with bridging other dimensional planes of existence (7D +++) onto the Earthly planes of existence so that I can be better understood ~ more appreciated ~ respected for the work I am doing upon this Earth (that by in large has been dismissed by most despite I have been at this for 10 years now as a profession).  

Please Note:  The TREE SHIPS are not in the traditional physical dimensions (3D) as most perceive currently.  These TREE SHIPS are in a different dimension and one has to be “Tuned Into Those Dimensional Coordinates” in order to perceive.  

As I realize this may sound “Airy Fairy” to some ~ though the truth of the matter is ~ this TREE SHIP technology is understood by the fairies (nature angels) and Elemental Families who are in service to the Law Of One Principals.  

Let me share with you how beautiful these soft blue beings are ~ very sentient, wise, caring, helpful, spiritually technology gifted, work with the Elemental Queendoms & Kingdoms, work with humans who are ready to work at this particular level + plus I felt the sincere love.  Felt like family to me is the best way I can describe.  

TREE SHIP in a tree


The TREE SHIPS  have a portal technology inside that can transport one to places that they need to go to or be at.  This allows one to have their particular ROOTS anchored via the TREE SHIP technology (give the being a multidimensional home base while working in a specific area).  

It is a fascinating human & multidimensional experience to have and I trust that my communications with relaying this personal experience will assist you with understanding more about the positive & loving support that is upon the planet at this time.  

Much Love, Catalina 

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