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Cart Wheels In Sand With Black:White

The latest inspirational activation painting MULTI~DIMENSIONAL CART WHEELS is a portal of aqua and gold frequency light. When I first saw the MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CART WHEELS portal of light it was being carried around in some really old metal broken down wheels~let me share with you ~ they had, had it & were on its last spin when they rolled up my way. I knew the MULTI=DIMENSIONAL CART WHEELS had to be upgraded…………so as an inspirational activation artist I was assigned to redesign the WHEELS ~ I felt the white with gold trim was rather pleasant for a new way of rollin’ in style for this Aqua/Gold portal of light to be carried through to this dimension.

Catalina Holding Multi-Dimensional Cart Wheel

Each and every tiny bead/dot of Aqua & Gold frequency of light that you see that makes up the large portal of light being carried via the MULTI~DIMENSIONAL CART WHEELS is a way of describing a lot of small can make a large effect. This painting took about 1 week to make and was then filmed at the ocean side in Rosarito Beach, Baja California. (Please see video below)

Heart Horse
This is Henry The Heart Horse………Henry was brought through a few years ago and as you can see the trinity steering wheel underneath……the navigation steering wheel has 3 colours of blue in the center (over-ride of yin/yang………only 2)…… needs the 3……….have to include the yin/yang/young (child)…… create the TRINITY field of connection. For it is the child energies of play (high frequency) that are very important for this world to have an abundance of.

So glad Henry The Heart Horse is here to lovingly pull the MULTI=DIMENSIONAL CART WHEELS that hold & carry the portal of aqua/gold bands of light.  

In~Joy The Video Below !

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