AUDIO: 11-11-15 Teleconference: Herstory Love Within Me





The 11:11:15 energies during this teleconference were very supportive, calming and loving.  As a small live group we gathered to connect with the DIAMOND CORE STRUCTURE PATH of Mother Earth + discussed the 80%/20% relationship between our human physical body / Mother Earth’s Body + covered the latest Energetic Update from the 11:11:15.  

In addition we discussed bits about how Catalina’s Angel Inspirations broke the black magic word code and whereas it is not always fun to deal with black magic nomenclature with in the human languaging systems I must share as it is one of the KEYSTONES to breaking old patterning within the sacred womb of the female energy. For those of you woman who have had a HYSTERECTOMY (BLACK MAGIC ~ MEDICAL MAFFIA WORD PHONETIC CODE)………..translated to HISTORY WRECK TO ME……………..I am here to explain in this webpage a bit about why these procedures are done and there will be a teleconference call coming up to discuss this at greater lengths for healing around this subject/issue of the female womb.

The female womb is very, very sacred place ~ not only for the welcoming of energy of the divine masculine energy and his seed ~ not only for the co-creational energy of a precious baby to form and to grow and to be nurtured from seed/egg unification ~ yet, also for sacred manifestations to be brought in through that area to become anchored upon this Earth……………the womb is a sacred place of creation of all kinds of beautiful creations.

With that being said due to lower frequency energies of HISTORY the feminine womb has had more than it’s fair share of dealing with things such as rape, pillaging, being sold for sex, abortions, miscarriages, hysterectomy, prostitution, branding, eating bad foods or drinking alcohol or taking drugs that poison babies through the mothers body ~ all sorts of crap to distort the female womb.
Specifically when it comes to HISTORY WRECK TO ME ~ energies that we inherited from the birth mother and or birth father egg & seed are there too. Plus all the people whom we have had sex with ~ if you have had or are having sex with people who carrying lower frequencies than yourself ~ you are going to have energies to clear.

Unless we have been clearing these old energies from ourselves the old HISTORY WRECK TO ME can cause women to be diagnosed from a traditional medical doctor to have a HYSTERECTOMY.
Ladies ~ let me share with you ~ you need to keep your body parts ~ the very last thing you want to do is to have the Medical Maffia remove your goods……….there are better ways to clear your body than to have your womb yanked out.

Yes, I am speaking from a Galactic Physician point of view here and also from A HERSTORY LOVE WITHIN ME point of view…………..because it is totally time to change this energy within the female womb. There are many of you who have already been assigned to assist with this on physical and energetic levels around the globe and yet, there are still an incredible amount of disempowered males & females who are allowing lower frequencies from old HISTORY to dominate the womb.

The 11:11:15 Teleconference assists with ushering higher frequencies to align more energy with supporting our female womb energies ~ Yes, this HERSTORY LOVE WITHIN ME recorded teleconference welcomes both males and females.

And YES, this teleconference assists with how men/women relate to each other and especially around the sexual issues that so many of us have experiences both pleasant and unpleasant with. Though our main focus was supporting higher frequency energies while receiving education around how releasing the unpleasant assists with more pleasantry in our lives & Sacred Connection upon this Earth.  

Much Love, Catalina

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