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SunDial With Heart As there are many starseeds on this Earth who are consciously aware of the multi~dimensional energetic fields on a conscious level and are able to navigate ~ meaning help assist in the multi~dimensional fields from a human conscious level too.  Starseeds actually help steer the energies of this planet and humanity in […]


This is a commissioned inspirational art piece that was created during the past couple of weeks for Paula.  I felt it would be fun to share the journey & sacred write-up for you to experience the process of what goes into one of my paintings.  PAULA’S PYRAMID Paula’s Pyramid involves the sacred center of the […]


WHEEL OF DIMENSIONS VIDEO is a spoof on the TV program WHEEL OF FORTUNE.  Catalina has taken the opportunity to utilize humor + ascension information = easier assimilation of understanding the merkaba ratios. When one understands about the 12th dimensional blueprint structure/12 pieces of pie to a wheel~circle/12strands of DNA = Diamond Son/Sun energy 12th […]