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ARTicle: Hollywood’s Broken Tree Branches

HOLLYWOOD’s BROKEN TREE BRANCHES The above photo of the Hollywood Tree is from the internet ~ it is from dailyinfographic.com ~ I saw it while I was doing research for this ARTicle and felt it was quite appropriate for what I am going to be discussing.  Notice how in this tree they choose 13 families. […]


FLOWERS & TREES FLOWER POWER INSPIRATIONAL ACTIVATION PAINTING WAS CREATED IN 2008 What I am reporting here in this ARTicle is the work that I have been doing with the recoding and over-ride systems of the FLOWER OF LIFE for many years now.  The FLOWER OF LIFE is much more than just an architectural image […]

Monad Entanglement ~ 911

MONAD ENTANGLEMENT ~911   During sacred session work today with a client ~ I was specifically guided to look at the top of his MONAD/AVATAR MATRIX (10,11,12 chakras/top of the 12 Tree Grid/Tree Of Life).  For those needing specifics with the 12 Tree Grid/Tree Of Life ~ below is an image for you to see […]


(SA)FIRE STAR ACTIVATION When we look at the word Sapphire ~ it is phonetically sounds like (SA)FIRE.  SA is part of the Crystal Sound Healing Frequencies (C)Aaaaaaaa (R)Aaaaaaaa (Y)Aaaaaaaa  (S)Aaaaaaaa (T)Aaaaaaaa  (A)aaaaaaaa (L)Aaaaaaaaa Hence, we have the SAaaaaaaaaaaaFIRE STAR ! The SAFIRE STAR ACTIVATION happens in the 10th chakra (located 6 inches above the head) […]

Mirror Of The 21/12

MIRROR OF THE 21/12 A bit about the mathematical architecture of the 21/12 ~ the # 21 has been a reversal code/spin rate of the merkaba when associated with the Metatronic reversals.  21 is the female side of the reversed merkaba spin of 34/21.  For more info about the reversed merkaba spin and true merkaba […]


HEALING THE BLACK SON/SUN The BLACK SON/SUN is an energetic structure that has infected the heart areas of human light body structures, Mother Earth energetic structures and multi~dimensional energetic structures.  It is literally a FALSE SON/SUN energetic structure that has been placed within our time matrix to cause destruction and cut people off from fully […]