I was referred to Catalina via a friend and it has been an amazing and healing experience thus far – and we’re just getting started! I began working with her in March 2016 and completed the 1111 Heart Healing Program in July 2016. My main purpose to begin this path was to clean myself from two psychotropic drugs, depakote and risperidone and that was accomplished. Once I found Catalina I knew she could help with that and more. I have lost over 60 pounds and have been eating a more natural organic diet (no meat, fish, dairy, or eggs). The food changes did not happen overnight but it was a smooth process.


At the time we began I was also unemployed. That has changed as well. Not only am I happily employed, but I received a promotion shortly after being hired. Once you are clear and set the intention with your whole being, the Universe is there to assist.

Catalina’s vast library of spiritual study materials has also assisted greatly. The weekly sessions are extremely valued too. Catalina’s focus is service, and we’re both dedicated – which leads to results.

I am highly looking forward to what’s next and grateful for what’s been accomplished thus far with Catalina’s guidance. Her help is priceless.  

Sincerely Rich (August 2016)


Hi Catalina,

Just want it to thank you for yesterday session, I felt very calm and at peace thanks to the work you did on me, I never felt this calm before in my life, I guess i had been carrying this pain for so long, that i didn’t know how it feels without it.  You are a very skilled!  Many Blessing your way and to your lovely team workers!!  

Patricia (April 2014)

This is a video testimonial recorded February 2015 from a client who has been receiving regular ongoing sacred session work via Catalina’s Angel Inspirations.  It will give you a good feel & flavor of what a long-term client experience is like.  

Touched By An Angel- How One Human Angel is Helping Me

I have been blessed to have two personal 2 hour healing sessions with Catalina Angel and want to share my experience with this incredibly gifted being of light. First of all, it must be said that as a survivor of mind control experimentation and ritual abuse the types of energetic problems I deal with range from alien technology to entity possession and soul fragmentation and enslavement. I have worked with people who call themselves “deprogrammers”, but, who do not truly understand the complexities of what is going on in the fields of survivors and so cannot actually do much good. In fact, many “deprogrammers” are themselves religiously programmed and can cause much harm for people like myself who are MILAB survivors and have ET DNA. The programmers are very aware of the nature of consciousness and how to manipulate astral fields, but these psychologists and deprogrammers claiming they can help do not know the first thing about energetics and consciousness so they cannot possibly undo what was done. They do not have their own DNA assembled and consciousness integrated enough to perceive what is above that 4D system too and so cannot understand how to go about dismantling it without bringing further harm to the victim.

What, I have experienced in sessions with Catalina is that she is actually getting somewhere real inside of my system. She has been able to retrieve pieces of my soul that were sliced up and split out from me, as well as, pieces of my son’s soul too. It is hard for people to understand who have never experienced these realms, but they are very real and occult crimes against consciousness seriously impact the life of the victims. After my first session with her I felt a renewed connection to my younger self, about the same age that I was being hospitalized and programmed heavily. I felt a renewed joy and excitement about my process of healing and for the next week and a half I had revelation after revelation about my life, my healing and my internal system. During my second session with her she was able to remove a big heavy weight reptilian intelligence I was co-sharing my body with as part of an Indigo-3 contract. I had been aware that this being was hanging around longer than it was supposed to, but, unable to get it to leave my field completely until she stepped in. After she removed the reptilian and proceeded to release pieces of my son and I from a box guarded by more demonic entities I saw something I had never seen before. In my astral system a very high level programmer who rarely comes to my surface awareness was so upset by her work on the other parts of my system that he freaked out and started slamming doors and passageways to other areas where more of their wretched satanic systems reside. To me this was serious evidence this woman is doing something really, really right!

I understand that dismantling what they did to me must be done in pieces or the back lash will be too much for me to handle. I am honestly very beat up and tired and already spent my life so far fighting with everything I have, just to reach this level where I can be helped by others. I know from experience that if the wrong part of my system is tinkered with I can have months of chaos and retribution from the child parts and angry parts layered inside and whoever is given access to my system at all must truly be guided by the hand of the creator to not send me spinning out of control. I have met people who claim that and do something different and I have met people who don’t claim much, but, are indeed touched by God. This woman is an angel, she is able to see into my field, see my wretched condition and love me enough to transmute all that stuff with a power and a force the reptilians don’t understand and certainly can’t fight. That force is unconditional love and I know that is what resides within Catalina Angel and gives her the power, wisdom and strength to do what she does. I am also getting a lot of understanding from her educational membership site where she offers meditations and activations to her members that can be downloaded and used whenever I like. The cost of the membership site is very little, but, the info she provides is impressive. I am very blessed by this woman to be working with her and receiving her energetic assistance and spiritual light in my life. I highly recommend to anyone interested in reconnecting with their divine templates of manifestation or assistance with entity removal that they engage with Catalina’s session work & her educational materials. 

With Much Appreciation, Tu`Ta ~ July 2013

I just want to say thank you for all of your energetic effort with the energetic surgery. I know most would find the method strange, but it really resonated with me. I use the same type of chanting and visuals so I know it is the right frequency for me. You were right, I have been waiting a very long time for this type of help. I actually felt a little angry yesterday about being trapped and sucked dry… but I used that intensity of feeling to command those parts of myself back to me and in original form. I now feel more energy within myself and am choosing to nurture me instead of just passing it along. I can feel there are still several parts awaiting a reuniting. I am grateful for your courageous work upon this planet.
Thank You,
Crystal Blue (December 2013)