Crystalline Class: Dimensional Layers Of The Sexual, Instinctual & Emotional Energetic Bodies

Microsoft Word - Sexual, Instinctual & Emotional Bodies




The first big piece of news that I would like to share is that the SEXUAL BODIES have an energetic layer/energetic expression in all of our chakras/energy centers/energetic bodies. With this particular Crystalline Class I am going to primarily focus around the 1,2,3 chakras ~ hence why you can see the color rings of 1D~Red, 2D~Orange & 3D Yellow.

The distorted images of the 1D, 2D & 3D are SEXUAL BODY images were drawn as best as I can color draw from remote viewing in the multidimensional fields. These distorted SEXUAL BODY images are from a being who has been a part of Project Monarch (black op ~ sex slave programming). Many beings energetic SEXUAL BODIES look similar to this who have dealt with any type of sexual abuse, prostitution, molestation, rape, pornography, sexual addiction behavioral patterns, sexual satanic ritual, negative alien abduction sexual experiments etc.

Microsoft Word - Sexual, Instinctual & Emotional Bodies

What you are literally LOOKing in the image above is the distorted images of LACK OF LOVE energy being present with the SEXUAL BODIES in the 1D, 2D & 3D.


The images above are of a 1D Aura Body Field and a multidimensional “snapshot” (drawn out) for you to see what the SEXUAL BODY distortion looks like in a 1st Dimensional Field of a Project Monarch Victim. If you are not familiar with Project Monarch ~ there is plenty of info via the internet about that subject.

Unless these mutilated sexual aspects in the 1D layers of this person’s energy body gets cleared up ~ it is going to reak havoc with this person having any type of authentic love relationship in their life. Often Project Monarch victims are under mind control and don’t have a clue as what has happened with their physical & energetic bodies ~ yet, this is the leftover “aftermath” in the energetic field that is affecting this person’s life.


What we are looking at here is a 2D Aura Body Field and a SEXUAL BODY distortion in the 2D Aura Body Field. All that dark brown/rusty orange bumpy/wavy stuff is how the 2nd chakra layer has been expressing distortions. The truth of the matter is ~ is that most people’s SEXUAL BODIES in the energy fields have incredible distortions either from baby/childhood, teenagehood, adulthood from trauma, other lifetimes, ancestral patterning, betrayal, exploitation, sexually addicted instinctual or emotional bodies, abortions, miscarriages, sex with inanimate objects, hysterectomies, infidelity, orgy or multiple sexual partners at the same time (splitting out the organic sexual energy systems) etc.

Understanding that I am speaking/writing from a view point from cellular memory of organic planetary systems. Many of the above aspects mentioned above are a natural part of life and a very necessary part of life here on this distorted planetary system called Earth such as an abortion or hysterectomy or miscarriages yet, they do affect the energy fields. And when one is moving through a spiritually aware life and choosing their ascension processes as a priority ~ then this type of stuff needs to be addressed.


Now this particular diagram gets very interesting ! We are looking at a 3D Aura body Field and a distorted 3D Aura Body Field from Reptilian green hooks that act out as sexual distortions in a person’s life. Again this is an example from a SEXUAL BODY expressing in the 3D chakra energy field of a Project Monarch Victim. 

These green hooks keep the person hooked into instinctual/sexual body addictions that stay locked and looped in the personality matrix (1st, 2nd & 3rd chakras). The experience of the sexual relationship with a partner may “feel good” sexually and feel exciting (hence you can see a lot of clear yellow ~ this is energy that is flowing correctly ~ yet the hooks are what gets tricky here). The hooks are connected to a “False Love” program where the person feels that the sexual expression acting out through the 3D aspects of life are “HOT”/”EXCITING”/”ALCHEMICAL”.

Let me share with you that “HOT”/”EXCITING”/”ALCHEMICAL” is not LOVE !!! This is where things get very confusing to people. Many feel that it is important to have Hot/Exciting/Alchemical Sex with their partner ~ yes, that is OK…………….though from a viewpoint from organic planetary systems………….the alchemy of making love with a partner derives from that magical essence of being based in the full HEART CENTER. If one’s life is not based /fully anchored out of their HEART/LOVE center ~ then one is dealing with inorganic aspects in their sexual relationship.

Sexual relationships here on planet Earth have so many inorganic overlays in the energies fields from our ancestors, from distorted planetary energy & from inauthentic energy within our own human energy fields.

One can feel that they want LOVE in their life and that one way to express that is via the act of love making ~ though if you do not have yourself energetically cleared in the sexual bodies ~ you are literally bringing your distortions of energy to your sexual partner. This is what happens all the time in relationships. Though many people have not had the sensitivities to feel the distortions and so the distortions become embedded within the union of the couple and accepted as “Normal”.

For example: I remember back in 2010 when I was targeted via a possessed person for supposed spiritual partnership/marriage ~ I didn’t understand at the time that the person was being controlled via higher negative spiritual forces. Now, because I had been clearing my energetic sexual distortions on a conscious level for 8 years prior to meeting this potential partner in 2010 and after I first made love with this person ~ I was vomiting and became very, very ill the next day.

When I was questioning my own sickness ~ I found out I was literally vomiting and very sick from physically & energetically doing the “hanky panky” with this person. All of the inorganic aspects & distortions in that man’s sexual energy field connected alchemically with my energy field. Because I engaged sexually with a man whom I felt at the time was my life partner (oh, gee how wrong I was about that)…………my body literally purged the grossness of our distorted alchemical union.

This man was hot/sexy/steamy/talented in the physical lovemaking aspects with regards to understanding the female human body/smart/loaded with money/spiritual/aware/kind/loving ~ yet, was controlled via “The Beast Machine” ~ as I later found out after my heart & energetic bodies were smashed into millions of pieces.

From direct personal human experience I understand the alchemical unions all so very well. I have had a few in my life and they are very interesting/fascinating to experience ~ yet, they are NOT based out of ANCHORED HEART ENERGY !!!

When ANCHORED HEART ENERGY is present ~ it will directly reflect in your energy field and flow through all chakra centers/energy centers of your body.

ANCHORED HEART ENERGY does not necessarily need to express sexually, though it does need to express the LOVE. That LOVE flows through the energy fields of the body and expresses in various CREATIVE ways that emit the LOVE frequency.

You can experience the most incredible LOVE with another being/partner without having to physically sexually interact. Though if physical sexual interaction is part of a couples LOVE expression ~ then the alchemy of their LOVE will naturally unfold in a divine love making experience.

I have worked with quite a few males who are very concerned about the alchemy during their love making process with a future partner if their “sexual addictions” get healed. When one only knows distortions in their sex life ~ it is really hard to understand organic love making from ANCHORED HEART ENERGY.

When living on organic planetary systems ~ meaning living on a planet that has not been hijacked by negative aliens from other dimensions ~ all of one’s relationships are based out of a PURIFIED HEART CENTER. Here on Earth, one’s relationships are often based out of survival (1st chakra), distorted sacral/sacred energy that has been used as an emotional synthesizer (2nd chakra) and control (3rd chakra)………..oh, and then let’s bring in the HEART into our distorted personality matrix (chakras 1,2,3) and have a sexual relationship with a partner. What I am describing here is the “norm” of what I witness here on Earth. Some people are better at dealing with the distortions in relationships yet, for some people the distortions are what severs the relationship.

What I am aware of now is that there have been many planetary energies that are coming up and out from the hidden realms of existence. A return of layers of our cellular memory is at hand. Those layers of cellular memory are showing us the in-depth aspects of ourselves and our relationships so that any inorganic aspects can get sorted out within the energetic layers of our sexual, instinctual & emotional bodies. A huge piece of distorted sexual energies that involves children, women & men is being released from the planetary layers and this includes: religious & occult sexual rituals, underground & secret sex societies, genetic procreation manipulations via government black operations & ET races, ancestral sexual family patterns, pornography & sex slave circuits and NRG sexual feed-lines that support sexual misery systems.

All of this yucko energy that is coming up and out to be seen within us and within the planetary layers of existence is purging so that the higher circuitry’s of our sexual energy can be more supported with organic energies that nurture our divinity. Our sexual, instinctual & emotional bodies have been manipulated beyond all imaginable words here in this planet. Our right to co~create authentically with our own energy is what is at hand here. To not have our sexual energies stolen when making love, to not have sexual misery while making love and being with a partner, to not have our unprocessed emotions impede our relationships with others and to not have our instincts manipulated via negative alien programs is what we are freeing.







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